What Are You Planning On Wearing in your Hair for your Next Wedding?!

Little girl with tiara bridal accessory

Give your little one a chance to feel like a princess for a day by giving her a lavish Tiara

Now that Wedding Season is in full bloom thought you’d like to know this seasons trendy wedding hair styles. Whether you’re looking for a hair style for yourself, your teen or your little one, we’ve got ideas for all ages. Below are some practical, easy and really beautiful wedding hair style ideas topped with some stunning wedding hair accessories and updo pins.

  1. Is your hair on the shorter side and having trouble getting it to look good for a special occasion? Do you want your little ones hair to be kept up for this special occasion? Try my favorite updo which will take you almost no time at all to make! Start by putting your hair down. Then take a generous piece of hair from both sides closest to your face and twist them. Tie the two pieces into a pony in the middle of the back of your head. You should now have a half a pony princess look. Take all the hair that was left down and tuck it into the middle of the two twists (almost like a topsey look). You should now have a beautiful updo! To make it dressier you can always add an updo bridal pin with rhinestones for a finishing touch.
  2. Flowers are just the thing this Summer! With a floral wreath you’ll be sure to look fresh and fashionable. Wear it with curls or beach waves for a cute summery look.
  3. Give your little one a chance to feel like a princess for a day by giving her a lavish Tiara. A tiara is a great wedding hair style accessory for many reasons such as holding their front hairs out of their face so that they can be comfortable and enjoy the night.
  4. Looking to keep your hair down but wantto keep your hair out of your face? Try wearing a Silver Swirly Diamond Hair Band for Updo and consider keeping your hair half up to lift some weight off your shoulders and provide more comfort.

As you can tell, wedding hair styles are simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You’d be surprised how much updo bridal pins and headbands can do- give them a try they won’t let you down!


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