Dealing with Hair Loss


Unfortunately, hair loss is usually a side effect of chemotherapy and it can be extremely rough. For a lot of women it is one of the hardest parts of having cancer. Most women begin to lose their hair 10 to 14 days after starting treatment.

The media today tells us that a woman’s hair should be full and beautiful. We are all supposed to be young, healthy and vibrant including our hair.

For many women undergoing chemotherapy it is difficult to shake their personal attachment to their hair so the process can be very painful and emotionally difficult.

As tough as hair loss is, it may be one of the areas where you can take back a little control by shaving it all off! It can take off some of the stress of watching it fall out and you can involve family members too.

If you do decide to let it fall out on its own here are a few tips to taking care of your hair

  • Go easy on your hair. Wash it only when it’s necessary and when you wash it make sure to be extremely careful and gentle. Only use gentle shampoo.
  • Gently pat or air dry your hair. Stay away from blow dryers or hair-styling tools since they may damage your hair.
  • Don’t dye or perm your hair since that will weaken it.
  • As your hair thins out wear a hat, headscarf or sunscreen outdoors. It will protect your head from the sun or the cold

Whatever you decide to do always remember that beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Caring, giving and loving others is the true meaning of being beautiful. Let beauty shine from the inside out!

Here’s to wishing you good health always!

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