MyHeadcoverings.com is a division of HeadsUp HeadCare, a Lakewood, New Jersey based company that has quickly emerged as one of the leading retailers of hair coverings and hair accessories including but not limited to Crochet snoods, Chenille snoods, Classic snoods, Pre-Tied Bandanas, Headbands, Hair clips, Bobby pins and more. The combination of quality products, innovative design and superior customer service have quickly earned our company an enviable reputation.

We offer a wide array of Head Coverings from the leading manufacturers in the field. Our head coverings are great for both the modest consumer looking for a hair covering for religious reasons or for those looking for a head covering to help them deal with hair loss from various causes such as chemo or alopecia.

We carry name brands such as DaCee Design, Uptown, It’s Younique, Rose Enterprise, and LadyBug, manufacturers that have years of experience in their field, and have earned widespread acclaim for the quality of their product and the beauty of their original, stylish, innovative, and unique designs .

In addition we carry a wide array of hair accessories from the most basic banana clips to gorgeous must have baby headband.

We make certain that we carry a wide array Snoods, Pre-tied Bandanas and hair accessories from a number of manufacturers because we know that hair coverings are a highly personalized item and each manufacturer has their particular cut and fit we make sure to carry the Pre-tied Bandana that fits you best. So whether it’s an UpTown Pre-Tied Bandana, an It’s Younique Pre-Tied Bandana (In Large or Standard fit), A LadyBug Pre-Tied Bandana or a DaCee Designs Pre-Tied Bandana that fits you best we’re sure to have it here.

New at MyHeadcoverings.com is our line of Costume Jewlery including Earrings, Bracelets,Necklaces, and more. We carry costume Jewlery in a variety of styles and to suit different tastes. We are proud to be the exclusive online retailer of Caty’s Collection Costume Jewlery that is handmade and designed by Catalina. The elegance and grace combined with rich colour of Caty’s Collection is matched only by the quality of it’s workmanship. It is truly everything an exclusive product should be and we are proud to offer it on our website.

We are also proud of our new line of Designer Inspired Wallets, Purses and Handbags a wide variety of styles combined with unbeatable prices make us a great source for these necassary accessories.

We are proud of the fact that because we offer such a wide selection of products at such unbeatable prices our customers come away feeling as if they got a product custom made for them. In a sense they are right because our selection was custom made to please them.

In addition we are dedicated to ensuring that our website is constantly expanding, adding an ever increasing array of products to our existing product line and constantly adding new ones, ensuring that we are innovators not imitators.

In addition to our current line of Headcoverings for women, and women and girls accessories, we pride ourselves in our superior customer service, an integral part of which is making sure that our customers know how to properly use and care for our products.

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us at customerservice@myheadcoverings.com, or call us at 732-363-1993 so we can be of assistance to you.

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