Tying a Layered Headscarf

You know that headscarf that’s been sitting in the back of your closet? Yes the one that you have no idea how to tie!

Today is the day you will learn how to wear it!

Step 1: Start by putting on your undercover, You can choose whichever color you would like!


Step 2: Put the scarf over your head, leaving around two inches of the undercover showing for the layered look.

Step 3: Take the 2 ends and tie them together


Step 4: Make a simple bow


Step 5: Look Beautiful!!!


So go ahead and take out that headscarf! You deserve to look gorgeous!!!

At Your Wits End With Your Wig? Try The Wigrip Comfort Band!

wigripThis is for those of you who wear wigs and for those of you who don’t wear wigs yet. Understandably, a wig can tend to be a little uncomfortable at times due to many reasons such as clips, security, weight, etc. However, what to do when you need to cover your hair for reasons such as hair loss and religion and are interested in wearing a wig?

The answer of course is the WIGrip comfort band.

The WIGrip was created with you in mind to provide ultimate comfort and practicality so that wearing a wig is now ideal! The wigrip is basically a Velour One Size Fits All band made to fasten your wig, hat, scarf or snood securely on your head without glue, pins, clips, etc. All you have to do is put the WIGrip on your head like a headband and slip on your wig or head cover. No need to clip it on – just place your wig on the band and your good to go!

The wigrip will not only secure your wig in place comfortably but in addition to preventing bald spots it will eliminate headaches as well since you no longer have to clip your wig on tightly. The wigrip is the ideal solution for alopecia, chemo/cancer patients, and anyone seeking the ultimate in comfort and security.

Still not sure if it’s for you? Here’s what our customers are saying:

“P.S. the Milano wig band is fabuuuuulous! Can’t feel it, it is soooo comfortable and it does its job well. “

“I ordered the Milano Wigrip Comfort Band yesterday and am so excited after 20 years of a slipping wig.”

“A quick note to tell you how happy I am that thanks to your Wigrip, my friends’ daughter is wearing her wig without the discomfort she used to feel.”

” I received my Milano WIGrip today, and I wanted to write and say what a wonderful product this is. I am amazed. I was at my wits end trying to get my wigs to stay on with my very fine, thin hair. I have bald patches and sores from clips, and even bobby pins weren’t working. I cannot believe how this band works. I feel like a new woman. I’ve even done a workout at the gym and my wig didn’t budge. I’ll be ordering more!”

So if you are not yet wearing a wig due to the fear of the discomfort or if you wear a wig and are at your wits end – you know what your answer is!

Camo, Camo, read all about it – Army Print is the Raid this Season!

cap-army-allFor those of you who are not yet aware, the Army print is definitely the raid this season – people are going crazy for it! Take a look around and you’ll see it on children’s clothing, accessories school bags and more as well as on Women’s head covers, clothing, handbags and of course the list goes on. The reason of course is that it is bold, original and a new look.

Have you ever wondered why this camouflage print stands for the army? How come the military uniform is made up of this camouflage print? The answer is simple. When soldiers are at war or carrying out a specific task they don’t want people to see them. Therefore, they wear a uniform with a camouflage print so that they won’t be noticed and kind of just blend in with the scenery, which is why the print is made up of earth tones such as greens, browns and tans. Over time this camouflage print was improved time and time again for the ultimate camouflage look.

Of course, when we take this army print to our head covers and accessories we only take the print not the camouflage colors because we have nothing to hide and are not looking to look like the trees or earth around us. You can find the camouflage print on Soft Wide Head wraps or caps in Pink, Blue, Orange and more! So go ahead and try the new look – you’ll love it!

Have You Tried a Pre-tied Bandana Yet? Check Out One Of The Hottest Head Coverings On The Market!

Pre-tied bandanas are rapidly making it as one of the hottest and most liked head coverings everywhere.  For those of you who don’t know what a pre-tied bandana is, it’s basically a pre-tied headscarf. Instead of buying a head scarf and tying it yourself, simply buy a ready made, pre-tied bandana in the color and pattern you like and slip it on! It is pre sewn with an elastic in the back to hold it securely at the neck. In addition, they are made of comfortable materials such as cotton, lycra, velour and terry for different needs and seasons. A pre-tied bandana can be worn in many ways which makes it a fun head covering!

Below are a few different ways to wear a pre-tied bandana.

1. Wear a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering. Take your pre-tied bandana, put it on your forehead and pull it back till about half way down your head. The rest of your hair should be sticking out. Wearing a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering is great for those with thin hair, bald spots and those who are starting to lose their hair.

2. Wear it as a full head covering. Slip it on and tuck all your hair under the elastic by the neck. Simple as that! You should have two tails, one hanging down on either side of your head. If you’d like you can leave them hanging or you can make a knot so they should be short and out of your way. It makes a great head covering for those who cover all their hair for religious purposes or those with partial or full hair loss.

3. Try tying your pre-tied head scarf into a bun style! For this style, you will need to buy a pre-tied bandana with long tails (around 10-14 inches) to make it work. Those with hair loss can or a short hair cut can use a Hidden HEIGHT cotton undercover to achieve the same look. Put your hair into a bun and then put on your pre-tied. Then, simply take one of the tails, twist it, and wrap it tightly around the top of the bun. Tuck the excess fabric of the tail under the twist once you have gone fully around one time.  Do the same with the other tail and you’re all done! One more tip: add a scrunchie pony holder to your bun to increase the volume if you have thin or short hair.

These are just a few basic ideas but there are so many more out there to experiment – be original!  Once you get used to wearing a pre-tied bandana you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without one!

Looking For A New Look? Try Wearing Your Israeli Tichel with Embellishments!

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Tying a tichel head scarf is really fun and can always be an original way to cover ones hair. You can tie an israeli tichel the way you want so it reflects your style resulting inyour own head covering exactly the way you want it! Simply choose a head scarf of your choice in style, fabric and color and tie it up in one of the many ways to tie a tichel. A tichel makes a great head covering for any occasion and can give a casual look as well as an elegant look.

Above, we tied a headscarf in a simple tie on the neck and dressed it up with different kinds of embellishments. Follow a few simple steps and within a few seconds you can transform your simple headscarf into a beautiful head covering.

1. Start by putting your hair up in a bun or pony. For those with hair loss or thin hair you might want to try wearing a hidden height undercover to give some volume or simply stuff it up with something else.

2. Fold your square Israeli tichel head scarf into a triangle. Our model is wearing a Basic Israeli Tichel in Black.

3. You should have one end of the tichel hanging on either side of your head and one in the back. Take the two sides on either side of your head and gently make a tie in the back of your neck. Make sure that the tie is firm and secure.

4. You can either leave the back piece hanging or you may want to tuck it in and under the tie you just made by your neck.

Now comes the fun part! As you can see from the pictures above, we took a simple tie and added different kinds of hair accessories to dress it up and make it look really cool!

If you’re looking for a more  casual head cover and want some color and spunk, try clipping on an alligator clip with the color you desire. Our model in the picture above is wearing a Daisy Flower Clip for Girls in pink, green and blue.

For a more elegant yet simple look, you might want to go for a bobby pin or a clip with decorative rhinestones or studs to give a slight glimmer. Our model in the picture above is wearing our Swirl Bobby Pin for Updo.

Perhaps you’re looking for a shimmery and glittery look? Try something with sequins and you’ll absolutely shine! Our model in the picture above is wearing a sequin headwrap.

If you like to stand out and make a statement, try wearing a simple solid headscarf and dressing it up with a bright hair accessory. For example, our model in the picture above is wearing a black head scarf with a bright red Velour Turban Twist Headband and boy does it stand out!

Of course, there are so many more hair accessories you can try and experiment on your own head scarf, these are just a few general ones we thought would give you a basic picture. Have fun tying and good luck!!

Womens Hair Loss Part 2 -Chemo

Some women choose to wear a wig to hide their loss, while others go the opposite route and chose to go bald, while others choose scarves.

As we continue our series on we turn to another cause of women’s hair loss which is Chemotherapy.

Thank God now-a-days many more people afflicted with Cancer nosurvive what once was considered the incurable illness. One of the primary reasons is the treatment known as Chemotherapy.

Chemo attacks cells, killing them off, hopefully it will kill off “cancer cells”, however it does not discriminate and therefore can attack the cells that cause hair growth as well leading to hair loss.

Now, while it used to be a near certainty  chemo treatment would lead to hair loss, today there are newer more targeted drugs used for cancer treatments that cause only hair thining or no hair loss at all.

Examples? Cytoxan is a drug used to fight Breast Cancer and causes only  thinning instead of total hair loss, and Adrucil another chemo drug causes no hair loss. However  taxol causes extremely sudden hair loss.

The point is that the type of drug being used does make a difference in whether chemo treatments will cause hair loss and how that hair Loss will occur.

People going through hair loss from chemo deal with it in different ways. Some choose to wear a wig covering up completely and trying to hide their loss, while others go the opposite route and chose to go bald showing the world the battle they are going through, while others choose scarves.

As Mayo Clinic states there is no right way to deal with it, each individual patient decides what they want to do, what works best for them.

Here’s some tips we found about it.

If you are buying a wig, it’s a good idea to take a picture of the way you like your hair to look as well as cut off some beforehand. Some women actually cut off all their hair and make a wig from their own natural hair.

When bald there are many people who use only ild soap on their scalp as its pretty sensitive.

Its best to try on Hats and Scarves after losing hair since the fit and look is different.

The best thing about hair loss from chemotherapy is that it will grow back. Typically re-growth begins three months after treatment ends and can take up to ten months.

In the beginning your hair may have either a different texture and/or a different shade.

During regrowth its a good idea to try and wear hats since the scalp can get itchy. Also, styling hair with moose or other chemicals is usually not be a good idea until the hair is about 3 inches long and has  more stable roots.

(Sources include, Chemochicks, and Web MD)

How To Tie A Tichel – Center Turban Twist Style

1. In our demonstration, we did not use anything to stuff up the back of the head. If you are experiencing hair loss, there is no need to wear anything underneath and if you have long hair just make sure it is in a tight bun or under a fitted snood.

2. When tying our headscarf in a “center turban twist style” we experimented with our Oblong Israeli Tichel with Lurex in wine. However, you may use any long oblong headscarf of your choice.

3. Start by placing your oblong headscarf centered on your head. Then, take both ends of the scarf and make a knot at the front/ top of your head (as oppose to most other styles where you make a knot at the back of your neck).

4. Now, take both ends of the knot and hold them tightly together. Gently and firmly twist them together to form a long twisted pony.

5. Take the long twisted pony and wrap it around and around in a circle to form a turban twist at the top of your head.

Good luck tying!! Click here for more exciting and practical ways to tie a tichel!