U.S.A Gov Shutdown Sale!

Theres a great sale at for the duration of the USA government shutdown!

Theres a great sale at for the duration of the USA government shutdown!

Well as many of you know the U.S.A government has officially shut down.
For hundreds of thousands of people there are real term consequences to this. They work for the government and they have been put on leave without pay.
For every day that the government is closed they lose their pay.
It’s real pain.
For everyone else it’s really frustrating. Our tax dollars pay for the government to work, not play theatrics.
However at we try to may everything a drop easier, we have this attitude that if you chose to see the glass half full it actually will be.
So bearing that in mind we realized that there was something that this Government shutdown did not have.
Ever see those stores that close down even temporarily?
They always have a closing sale.
I mean some of those stores are having “closing sales” for two years before they close and re-open.
Yet our Government shut down without a closing sale!
Not only that but to add to the “chutzpah” of it they informed us that we can still pay our taxes, however refunds of course cannot be processed.
Well we decided to do something about it.
If the government will not have a Shutdown Sale, we’ll do it for them!
So we are announcing our very own “Shutdown Sale”. Yup! It’s 14% off everything on with promo code shutdown and the sale lasts as long as the good old U.S of A is shutdown!

Hair Accessories for Babies: The Baby Hat

Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and a great hair accessory for babies.

One of the first articles of clothing that a baby is given when they are born is a hat! Of course the hospital ones are not exactly what we would call a stylish baby hat– but a hat is a hat. They wear it through their hospital stay and some wear one for a few months after that. So why is that? Why is it so important for babies to wear hats? Well, it’s not for nothing that baby hats are a popular clothing item in baby stores!

The first reason is because human beings lose a lot of heat through our heads. Therefore, by putting on a hat it keeps all the warmth in our bodies. When babies are born their temperature drops and for the first few months of their life they are about 10 degrees colder than a regular person. By putting them on a hat we are helping to keep them as warm as possible.

Another reason is because babies are used to being all bundled and snuggled up safe in the womb. When they are born, they are thrown right into the cold – which is something they are not accustomed to. The warm hats help them feel as though they are still snuggled up and safe in their mother’s womb.

Since babies cannot regulate their body temperature for the first six months of their life, it is recommended that they always wear hats outside in the cold weather. In summer months, sun hats can be very convenient to protect your baby from the heat to prevent a sun burn since their skin is more delicate and more sensitive then someone older.

Baby hats come in many different styles, colors and sizes. They are stylish, cute and oh so comfortable. Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and just like a baby headband they make a  great hair accessory for babies.

Natural Remedies for your Hair: Part II


Sounds crazy but before you know it avocado will be the first thing on your food shopping list!

Last week was about the basic and simple natural hair remedies – but this week, I’m sure you will be surprised!

Did you know that….

In addition to head and shoulders dandruff shampoo, Lemon is the number one ingredient for dandruff or flaky hair because the acid in the lemon juice helps clear out your hair from any loose flakes on your scalp. Try mixing two tbsp. of fresh lemon juice with two tbsp. olive oil (to give healthy moisture to the hair once all the flakes are out) and 2 tbsp water and put it in your wet hair. You can then wash it out with warm water. Another great thing Lemons do which is known worldwide is highlights! Take a lemon and squeeze it over your head. Then sit out in the sun – the longer the better!! Don’t forget to wash it out after and see results instantly!

Frizzy hair is my pet peeve. No matter how many creams and oils and techniques I try I just can’t seem to get rid of it. For some reason, I think I’m not the only one with this problem. So I present to you (drum roll…) The Avocado! Sounds crazy but just give it a try and before you know it avocado will be the first thing on your food shopping list! Their combination of oils which are like the natural oils from our skin and their protein make the best cream for taming, settling and smoothing frizzy hair. So go ahead, mash up and avocado and have fun smearing it in your hair! For best results, let it sit there for fifteen minutes before washing it out.

Ever wake up in the morning with oily hair? No time to wash it but it looks horrible and you just can’t find that emergency pre-tied bandana to cover it up? Yes, baby powder should do the trick but it might leave your hair looking a little white. Try Cornstarch by taking one tbsp in your hand and sprinkling it in your hair. Leave it there for ten minutes and then brush it out. Tadam! Your hair is now fresh and clean!

Of course, we saved the best for last! Bet you didn’t know that Beer is the best remedy for volume in your hair!! Beer actually contains yeast and just like the yeast makes dough rise, it makes hair “rise” too! However, it must be mixed with some other ingredients too. Mix half a cup of beer with 1 tsp oil and a raw egg. Pour it into your wet hair. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and wash it out.

Trust me, once you give those a try, these food products will become the first item on your food shopping list! Good Luck!

Natural Remedies for your Hair: Part 1

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Are you fed up of using hair products that don’t work and cost a fortune?!?! Wish you could just find the right one to miraculously do the trick and keep your hair the way you like it? Well guess what! We’ve got the perfect treatments you can try for your hair. The best part is that you probably have all of them in your kitchen (kitchen?!!?!) already so there’s no need to go out and spend so much money – and of course, best of all, it’s natural!

I donno about you, but when I think of eggs, yogurt and honey I think about sitting down to a late breakfast on a Sunday morning. However, believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

I know what you will see below may be hard believe, but you’ve got to trust me on this one because they really work!!

The Egg is actually good for two opposite things. While the yolk which is rich in fat is a moisturizer, the egg whites remove unwanted oils/moisture.  When using it for normal hair (not dry or oily) use the entire egg as a conditioner. For oily hair use the whites only and for dry hair only use the yolk. Make sure to get it on your scalp and hair. Leave it in your hair for a good twenty minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Make sure never to rinse it in hot water as it might cook the egg on your head which will not be very enjoyable!!

Yogurt is great for dull hair. Hot hair tools such as blow dryers and irons along with air pollution have a tendency to take all the moisture out of our hair, take away it’s shine and leave it burnt and crimpy. However, dairy products are the perfect thing for such a situation because Lactic acids take away dirt and milk fat moisturizes it. So take half a cup of regular yogurt and pour it in your wet hair. Let it sit for twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water and shampoo your hair. Another great ingredient for such a situation would be Honey. Honey is full of healthy moisture and would do just the trick for unhealthy, burnt or dry hair. Apply it like yogurt but you might like to add 2 tbsp of olive oil to help it come out easier.

Some think they can just cover up their oily, crimpy or dry hair by just throwing over a head scarf, snood or hair accessory , but that’s wrong. You may and should wear all of those but before you do so just make sure to fix the “root” of the problem.

We’d love to hear your comments to – let us know which hair remedies work for you!

Follow up with our blog next week for shockers on natural hair remedies I bet you NEVER heard of!!

Focus on Hair Care: Static in your hair

Static blues

Static blues

In the winter time you may notice that your hair and clothing are suddenly full of static. The big question everyone asks  is “why is static so common in the winter? What makes static come, and how can it be prevented?

Static is caused by a build up of electrons. The water and humidity in the air generally helps these electrons move off you more quickly so you don’t build up a big charge. However, in the winter when the air is very dry and lacking humidity there is nothing there to remove these electrons which is why we are all staticy.


I woke up in the morning

On the wrong side of my bed,

To discover my hair

standing on my head.

With no time to waste

I ran to school,

Although I knew

I looked like a fool.

The kids in my class

were complaining all day,

“We can’t see the board

With her hair in the way”.

The teacher was annoyed

And asked me to explain,

I told her I tried to fix it

But my efforts were in vain.

Well then

So all I could say,

I sure hope tomorrow

Will be a better day.


Tips for static:

1. Spray static guard on your hair brush before brushing your hair.

2. Use the Goody Signature Satin Brush  with tourmaline to prevent and remove static.

3. Use moisturizing shampoo for additional moisture in the winter.

Do you have any tips that work for you that you’d like to share with us?! Please leave a comment if you do!

Wig Tips: Do’s and Dont’s for Every Wig

Place your wig on a wig head to keep it looking fresh.

Place your wig on a wig head to keep it looking fresh.

Wigs are no longer Great Aunt Betty’s little secret tucked away in the back of her closet. Women covering their hair for religious reasons have been wearing them for years, but in the last decade, more and more women have started to wear wigs for many different reasons. Some wear wigs due to hair loss or thin hair while others do it because it’s practical – “you just slip on your wig and you’re good to go!”

So below is a list of do’s and don’ts for every wig:

1. Don’t wear a wig straight from the package.       

    Do take it to a hair dresser or wig stylist and have it cut and styed the way you it will suit your face

(yes, even the wigs that probably cost less than the cut itself).

2. Don’t wash it too often or all the hair will fall out.     

    Do wash it occasionally to give it a fresh and clean look.

3. Don’t go for outrageous colors and styles unless you’re wearing it to a dress up contest.     

    Do get the most natural looking wig as possible.

4. Do go age appropriate – Sure short wigs are comfortable and fun looking but it can make the average

20 year old look like a 40 year old.

5. Don’t keep your wig stuffed in your night stand.     

    Do keep your wig in good condition by placing it on a wig head.

6. Don’t blow dry your wig to often or it’ll get dry and stale. NEVER iron a synthetic wig!      

    Do set your wig with rollers to give it a fresh look.

Good Luck!   

Blog Contest Winning Entry: Bikers & Bandanas

biker hat

Biker hat or black pr-tied bandana? recently ran a contest where we asked for your headcovering story. Of all the entries we received, we selected this humor article by Ellen J. as the winning entry. Ellen won $50 to spend on We hope you enjoy Ellen’s story as much as we did!

A special thank you to all our customers who sent in articles!


I tend to favor more feminine head covers with colors or
patterns. However, one night I wasn’t feeling very well at all. I was
suffering from morning sickness, but my husband was working late and I
needed to go to the store. I was just starting to outgrow my clothes,
so I layered a sweatshirt, jeans that were too big, and a black
pre-tried bandana. I did not care at all what I looked like and
apparently, what I looked like was a tall, male biker. One of the things
I needed was salt for our water softener. Since it was too heavy for me
to lift,  I did what I always do and asked the cashier to have someone
help me load it in my car. When I pulled my car up to the pile of salt
outside, I was greeted by two men who immediately started laughing.
“Dude!” they exclaimed, “Does you girlfriend know you’re such a wimp
that you can’t load your own salt?” They were just kidding, but I was
extremely embarrassed and my reaction was to pitch my voice as high as
it could go and say my husband usually loaded the salt for me. It
sounded like a bad Marilyn Monroe impression. The two were horribly
embarrassed and apologized, but the minute I got home I got rid of my
black pre-tied bandana and now when I dress down I always put on loud,
flower-covered head covers, the more obnoxious the better!