Back To School: What Is YOUR Princess Going To Wear In Her Hair On Her First Day Back?!

backtoschoolThe first day of school is nearing. It’s a fresh start. Brand new hair accessories, school supplies, pencils crisply sharpened and the folders just waiting to be filled with homework sheets and assignments. I can smell the plastic of the new binders and the rich leather of new shoes; and I smile. There is the care free feeling of a young child just waiting to drink in the knowledge that they’ll soon learn.

The big question is of course: What is your little one going to wear in her hair on her first day of school?

All the girls will come in looking all fresh and neat with a renewed excitement that the summer brought about. Start her year on the right foot with a variety of neat, stylish, preppy and fresh hair accessories! Below are a few cute ideas you might want to try in her hair.

  • As we all know, braids are at the peek of fashion this season. If your daughters hair is nice and sleek, consider leaving her hair down with a middle part. Then, make a nice size braid on each side and tie them together in the back for a princess look. You can always add a nice little bow to tie it all up. This look will definitely give off some sunshine as she walks into her classroom for the very first time.
  • Hair bows. They come in lots of different sizes and styles depending on the age. They can be worn in many different ways – you just got to be original! Form a half a pony to a pony to anything in between you never go wrong when you stick to hair bows.
  • Hard headbands make the perfect hair accessory to keep a kids hair out of her face. Try a neon, bright and cool hard headband and let your little princess shine this year!
  • Does your child want to wear her hair up yet it’s still a little too short to stay up? Try giving her a banana clip! A banana clip will not only keep her hair together but it will make her hair look long. In addition, banana clips are really cool and exciting – it’ll definitely give her a boost!

So go ahead and get cracking on finding that perfect hair accessory for your little girl and you’ll see how excited she’ll be on that first day of school when she looks nothing less than perfect.

What Are You Planning On Wearing in your Hair for your Next Wedding?!

Little girl with tiara bridal accessory

Give your little one a chance to feel like a princess for a day by giving her a lavish Tiara

Now that Wedding Season is in full bloom thought you’d like to know this seasons trendy wedding hair styles. Whether you’re looking for a hair style for yourself, your teen or your little one, we’ve got ideas for all ages. Below are some practical, easy and really beautiful wedding hair style ideas topped with some stunning wedding hair accessories and updo pins.

  1. Is your hair on the shorter side and having trouble getting it to look good for a special occasion? Do you want your little ones hair to be kept up for this special occasion? Try my favorite updo which will take you almost no time at all to make! Start by putting your hair down. Then take a generous piece of hair from both sides closest to your face and twist them. Tie the two pieces into a pony in the middle of the back of your head. You should now have a half a pony princess look. Take all the hair that was left down and tuck it into the middle of the two twists (almost like a topsey look). You should now have a beautiful updo! To make it dressier you can always add an updo bridal pin with rhinestones for a finishing touch.
  2. Flowers are just the thing this Summer! With a floral wreath you’ll be sure to look fresh and fashionable. Wear it with curls or beach waves for a cute summery look.
  3. Give your little one a chance to feel like a princess for a day by giving her a lavish Tiara. A tiara is a great wedding hair style accessory for many reasons such as holding their front hairs out of their face so that they can be comfortable and enjoy the night.
  4. Looking to keep your hair down but wantto keep your hair out of your face? Try wearing a Silver Swirly Diamond Hair Band for Updo and consider keeping your hair half up to lift some weight off your shoulders and provide more comfort.

As you can tell, wedding hair styles are simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home. You’d be surprised how much updo bridal pins and headbands can do- give them a try they won’t let you down!

Head Coverings and Hair Accessories – Keep COOL on a HOT Summer Outing!

Baby with sun hat

Make sure you and your kids are fully protected by the sun.

Thinking of doing some awesome sports this summer such as hiking and biking? Plan ahead and make sure to take along head coverings and accessories to ensure you and your kids will be as comfortable as possible. Of course, when purchasing head covers and hair accessories for outdoor sports there are lots of things to look out for. Below is a guide and more information you’ll need to know before getting the perfect hair accessories for your trip.

–          When spending time in the sun it is very important to make sure that your face and your children’s faces are fully protected by the sun. Look for a lightweight head covering with a visor such as a Sun Cap, Pre-tied head scarf with a visor or simply a Sun Visor that has a Velcro in the back of your head and keep safe at all times.

–          Do you have any sort of front bang? Having hair in your face on a hot summer day can be really uncomfortable and make you feel really hot so you definitely don’t want to forget some bobby pins. Bobby pins are one of the most ideal ways to keep your bangs up when they are in your face. In addition, another great option is a head band or soft wide head wrap. These hair accessories will definitely keep you cool and stylish on your outings

–          Being outdoors, especially when the sun is strong, makes you feel really hot and uncomfortable? Opt for keeping your hair up with strong and durable pony holders. Looking for something funky and summery? Try wearing a Scrunchie pony holder which will keep you cool and prevent pony marks

–          Prefer wearing your hair down? Keep a Jaw clip in your back pocket for emergencies. A jaw clip will allow you to leave your hair down yet still have some hair up which will keep less hair off your neck and keep you cool.

–          We all know how knotty hair can get when doing summer sports. Don’t forget your pocket brush with a mirror so you can keep on making sure you look great anytime and anywhere!

Once you have your hair accessories and head covers packed and ready for your trip you are good to go! So have fun, keep cool and look good this summer no matter where you are and what it is you are doing!

What Would We Do Without Pony Holders?!

A scrunchie is a combination of the hair tie and the elastic. Its’ an elastic band covered by scrunched up fabric.

Pony tails or hair ties have always been a classic hair accessory to keep ones hair up. Styles come and go when it comes to hair accessories, but pony tails are always there and will always be around due to their comfort and practicality. Bet you never thought about when they originated, probably assuming they’ve just been around forever. But guess what- the pony tail we know today has not been around forever and just like everything else in life, it has a history of its own.

Of course, a method of holding ones hair up was always a necessity, so back in the days, women and children held their hair up with different fabrics or bands of leather. In order for them to stay in place and not to slip out every second the material was either tied tightly or held closed with a pin. While children wore adorable and colorful ribbons/ fabrics, women would never be seen in public with their hair up in such a casual manner up until it was popularized in the late 20th century.

As you can just imagine, this method was pretty time consuming and not so practical- which is why they had to come up with a faster and more practical way to make a hair tie. In the 1800’s, rubber was slowly starting to be used in many different garments such as shoes, gloves, etc. In the year of 1845, Mr. Stephen Perry came out with the elastic rubber band which people started using as pony tails. However, as you know, these kinds of rubber bands have a tendency to pull on hair resulting hair shedding and hair loss. Therefore, in the late 20th century they came out with the updated pony tail which was specifically designed to hold hair together in a comfortable manner. This elastic, which is the pony tail that we know today, was made of elastic and covered with a very thin fabric so as to not pull hair out.

What goes around comes around, which is why today we have something called a “Scrunchie”. A scrunchie is a combination of the hair tie and the elastic. Its’ an elastic band covered by scrunched up fabric. It comes in many different colors and fabrics for style and taste and is especially good to keep your hair up without leaving a “pony mark” behind.

Like I said, even pony tails have their own history and haven’t been around forever.  So take the time to appreciate all the practical hair accessories and head coverings that were created over time to help you be more comfortable and look your best at all times!

Claw/Jaw Clips- The Perfect Hair Accessory for Anyone and Everyone!

With a leopard jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides!

Sticking to this seasons fall trends- there are many different stylish hair accessories that can be worn to really put together an entire outfit. If you are just not the kind of person to wear a leopard sweater or plaid shoes, try wearing a small hair accessory instead. Of course, we thought of the perfect accessory for you! With a leopard print jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides. Below we put together a few different ways and jaw clip (aka claw clip or butterfly clip) can be used.

1. Half Up:

You just got your hair done and don’t want to ruin it or you simply like to wear your hair down to give a dressy or put together look but you hair is flying all over your face due to the wind or any other reason? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Using a medium sized butterfly clip, put your hair half up (as in half a pony) and clip it in place. This will help your hair to stay out of your face still allowing you to keep your hair down without getting I ruined!

2. A pony:

You can’t handle having your hair down all the time and want to keep as comfortable as possible without having hair on your neck, however, you have to go to work and still look presentable and classy? Try wearing a fancy jaw clip to hold all your hair together and still allow you to look dressy! As for the size of the claw clip, it all depends on the thickness of your hair. If you have very thick hair – try a large jaw clip and if your hair is on the thinner side – definitely go for a medium sized clip.

3. To accessorize:

If your little ones hair is always in her face or she just loves having clips in her hair, try using tiny little butterfly clips in adorable colors such as lavender, pink, etc. to hold her hair up and out of her face. There are lots of ways to use these small clips but some of the most popular ways is to make them a side part, sweep their hair to the other side and hold it up with a clip or two. Or for an older kid, take their front bang or side bang and bring it up on top of their head to form a little bump and place a butterfly clip to hold it in place. Of course you can always try what we used to do in the good old days when we were kids and cover our heads with our entire butterfly clip collection to make it look like a plastic hat:)

4. A Bun:

For a very classy and grown up look, gather your hair together as if making a pony. Twist the pony a few times around into one big curl. Then, hold it up in the middle of your head and place a clip to hold it together or turn it around and around to form a bun and use a butterfly clip to hold it in place.

Of course, there is so much more that can be done with jaw clips. The moral of the story is Jaw clips are great to have on you at all times since they can actually hold your hair up in any way you like.

Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part 2

There are many different kinds of hair clips and believe it or  not, every hair clip is designed and created for it’s own purpose. Don’t get confused when you see two different clips with the same applique because although it looks extremely similar, one may not be suited for your hair type. So before shopping for your hair clips, take a look at all the different kinds of hair clips to see which one it is you are looking for. In Part 1 of this series we named a few for you, and below are a few more.

1. Pinch Clip

This clip is similar to an alligator clip just without the teeth making it suitable for babies as well as kids and women of all ages. Since there are no teeth it can slip so you may need to put a pony or bobby pin in the hair first to hold in place.

pinch clip

2. Jaw Clip

A jaw clip is made up of two plastic pieces attached together on the top by a metal string. To open it, pinch the two pieces on the top. The jaw clip has teeth and can grasp a large amount of hair (depending on its size).  A jaw clip is great for ponies, to hold all your hair up or for a half a pony.

jaw clip

3. Snap Clip

This is a metal clip that opens by bending back and closes by bending forward with an audible snap. Great for babies or for holding things on the hair like tichels or headwraps, or great for keeping bangs out of your face or your little girl’s eyes.

snap clip

So now that you have all the information about hair clips, we hope that all this information helps you out and makes your shopping experience easier to find the exact clip you are looking for!

Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part I

Hair clips make great hair accessories for so many reasons. However, different kinds of hair clips have different purposes and ways to be worn. For examples, some clips are simply made to hold hair off your forehead and others are made to hold all your hair together like a pony. So, when looking for certain kinds of hair clips for yourself, your daughter or your friends, you may want to know the names of the different kinds of clips there are and what they are used for.

1. Alligator Clip

An alligator clip has its name for a reason! It looks just like the mouth of an alligator since it is long and narrow, has teeth and opens and closes by pinching it at the end. It makes a great hair clip to keep your hair off your face in a comfortable manner or even to decorate a half a pony.


2.  Bobby Pin

This hair clip is two tightly connected thin pieces of metal that you gently open to slide on to your hair and grip it into place. It is great to hold your bangs off your face on to the side or all the way back. In addition, they are commonly used for holding updos and tiaras in place. They are also great to secure hats, doilies, tichels and head wraps on ones head.

bobby pin

3. Banana Clips

A banana clip is made of two connected plastic combs with teeth that open on top. It’s in the shape of a banana and is made to hold all ones hair together. To put it on, open it and put it by your neck. Then start closing it slowly and make sure that all your hair is going into the clip. The effect is beautiful, you have all your hair together in a feathered pony.

banana clip

4. French Clip

A French clip is also known as a barrette. It is a flat clip that opens and closes with a little pinch on the side. Depending on the size of the barrette is the amount of hair that will fit in. Some French clips can hold all ones hair up and some only half of your head of hair.

french clip

We hope this information is a help and don’t forget to check out our blog next week for lots of other types of hair clips!

Good Luck!