What to look for when buying a Winter Glove

winter gloves

A warmer option is a glove that has conductive material in the thumb and index finger tips to you can use your device as regular

Winter gloves are a practical item that you can really have fun with. When buying a winter glove there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, what are you using it for. Gloves can be used for anything from making snowballs to driving a car. You’ll want to have the right one on hand (no pun intended) for whatever your plans are this winter.


Winter Sports:

If you are looking for a great glove for winter sports, you will want to find a glove that is warm and waterproof. Look for a thermal glove to keep your hands warm such as polyester lined with fleece. And make sure it says waterproof, if you don’t want to have to keep changing pairs as the day goes on.

If you have kids it is important to have a thermal and waterproof pair for each before the start of a snowy season for the inevitable snow day!



Driving requires its own special kind of glove. Do you know the feeling of driving in a cold car before the car heats up and gripping that freezing steering wheel. If you answered yes, then you really need a pair of driving gloves. It is important that driving gloves have a good grip so you can hold the steering wheel securely. Especially in inclement weather. I like a light pair of gloves at all times so these magic gloves with grips work well for me, however another good option for driving is leather gloves which also have a fantastic grip – just like skin.



If you just can’t go 4 feet without your phone, then there are two options for you. The first would be fingerless touchscreen gloves, which are really just like regular gloves only the tip of the thumb and index finger are cut off. This is the best option as far as being able to use your device, however a warmer option is a glove that has conductive material in the thumb and index finger tips so you can use your device as regular.


Cold Weather/Fashion:

There are so many kinds of gloves out there – from fashion chenille gloves in a rainbow of colors to leather gloves, to gloves with decorations, buckles and more. If you are looking for a glove this winter, shop around and find a glove that fits your budget, style and needs.


Keeping your hands warm is the first step to staying healthy this winter. So protect yourself, keep warm and enjoy the snowy season!

Natural Remedies for your Hair: Part 1

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Are you fed up of using hair products that don’t work and cost a fortune?!?! Wish you could just find the right one to miraculously do the trick and keep your hair the way you like it? Well guess what! We’ve got the perfect treatments you can try for your hair. The best part is that you probably have all of them in your kitchen (kitchen?!!?!) already so there’s no need to go out and spend so much money – and of course, best of all, it’s natural!

I donno about you, but when I think of eggs, yogurt and honey I think about sitting down to a late breakfast on a Sunday morning. However, believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

I know what you will see below may be hard believe, but you’ve got to trust me on this one because they really work!!

The Egg is actually good for two opposite things. While the yolk which is rich in fat is a moisturizer, the egg whites remove unwanted oils/moisture.  When using it for normal hair (not dry or oily) use the entire egg as a conditioner. For oily hair use the whites only and for dry hair only use the yolk. Make sure to get it on your scalp and hair. Leave it in your hair for a good twenty minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Make sure never to rinse it in hot water as it might cook the egg on your head which will not be very enjoyable!!

Yogurt is great for dull hair. Hot hair tools such as blow dryers and irons along with air pollution have a tendency to take all the moisture out of our hair, take away it’s shine and leave it burnt and crimpy. However, dairy products are the perfect thing for such a situation because Lactic acids take away dirt and milk fat moisturizes it. So take half a cup of regular yogurt and pour it in your wet hair. Let it sit for twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water and shampoo your hair. Another great ingredient for such a situation would be Honey. Honey is full of healthy moisture and would do just the trick for unhealthy, burnt or dry hair. Apply it like yogurt but you might like to add 2 tbsp of olive oil to help it come out easier.

Some think they can just cover up their oily, crimpy or dry hair by just throwing over a head scarf, snood or hair accessory , but that’s wrong. You may and should wear all of those but before you do so just make sure to fix the “root” of the problem.

We’d love to hear your comments to – let us know which hair remedies work for you!

Follow up with our blog next week for shockers on natural hair remedies I bet you NEVER heard of!!


Hidden HEIGHT on

People undergoing hair loss often complain that even if their head scarf is attractive it is still missing the “look” that a headscarf gives off on someone who has hair because it simply looks flat on the head. Incidentally, this problem is not unique to people with hair loss; women with very thin hair also complain about this. Until now, our main solution for women with this issue who still wished to wear headscarves (which are the lightest headcovering) was either to direct them to out Pre-tied Bandanas with Height section or to send them to our Tichel tying guide to show them some ways to tie their headscarf that would show some height in the front. Well, now we are pleased to offer a new product online that may solve this problem once and for all. The Hidden HEIGHT Undercover. Basically, it’s a light cotton cap with a feather light cushion insert that is worn as an undercover with any headscarf. It’s so light and comfortable that you’ll barely notice that it’s there. At the same time, it adds the “Height” that you are looking for. We must say, at first we brought in a small sampling of these “Hidden HEIGHT Undercovers” to test them out. They sold so quickly and the reviews back were really positive, women simply loved it. So we decided to bring in a larger quantity. Try it out you’ll be amazed at the results.

Hair Accessories for Women, Part I

There are so many different types of hair accessories for women.  Different styles sometimes require different supplies, but there are a a few basics that work well with most hair types. hair accessories for women

The alligator clip, which is also referred to as a salon clip, is a metal clip on a spring that you open by pinching it on its end. The teeth of the alligator clip make it suitable for all hairstyles, and it may be worn on the side, crown or top of the head, or in a bun or pony tail. A banana clip consists of two connected plastic teeth combs that open at one end so you may place it around your hair. When closed, it keeps your hair in between its teeth to hold it in place. Banana combs that open fully are the easiest to use.

A French Clip is a metal clip or barrette that you open by pinching the sides. The amount of hair the clip holds depends on its size. If you want to fit a small French clip on voluminous hair, you should first secure the hair with a ponytail holder to keep in the place, and then put the bow slightly above it to hide the elastic.

These are just some of the many versatile hair accessories for women; check back next week to see more options. Updates


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