So what exactly is a Snood?


The chenille snood comes in many different colors, is comfortable and has a soft touch.

So what exactly is a Snood?

The tword “Snood” causes quite a bit of confusion, and rightly so. For years, different people have used the word to mean different things. So let’s try  clearing up  the confusion, and perhaps give a drop of background information on what a hair snood really is.

The term “snood’ is used to  refer to 3 separate thing.

1) Snood scarfs are used to describe tubular scarfs, thesescarfs were especially popular with English Soccer (football) players until they were banned in 2001 by the governing body of the sport for being a danger to the players.

2) The term “snood” also refers to a 1 inch silk ribbon that was worn in Scotland in the late 19th century worn by unmarried girls, typically it was braided into the girl’s hair.

3) The hair snood is the form of snood that we are most interested in. You probably guessed already that this is actually a as you guessed is actually ahair covering that one wear on ones hair.

Now, most snoods you see now-a-days are crocheted. However, it did not start out like that . At first snood head coverings were made from cloth or net fabric

Many of them were elaborately decorated with bows and ribbons. Gradually, these went out of style until WW2 when once agin women turned to them as headcoverings since the material used to make them was not rationed as the material used to make hats was.

In fact, snoods became a patriotic symbol!

Snoods have remained as a popular headcovering for women looking to cover their hair for modesty reasons as well as for women looking for a hairnet to wear when working with food, in a canteen or a hospital.

A major difference between women wearing hair snoods for religious purposes and women wearing them as  hair nets is whether or not they have a lining. Women who choose them for use as a religious headcover will often ensure they are lined in order to be certain no hair will show through. Such is not the case in women wearing snoods as hairnets. Lately, the Chenille snood has come into style as a it is extremely soft to the touch and available in a wide variety of colors.

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By: B. Levi

The Head Covering Wardrobe Part III: Crochet Snoods – More Than You Think.

Why devote a whole post to Crochet Snoods?

Well, these hair snoods  are the most misunderstood items in the wardrobe of  women’s headcovering’s.

What are some of the common misconceptions out there about snoods?

First off many women are under the impression that a crochet snood’s are all one and the same, there are just  not that many choices out there.

Big misconception.

The wide range of patterns and styles that are available in crochet snoods is in unbelievable.

Of course there are the basics in the crochet snood department, what we call “the bread and butter of crochet snoods” which is really the basic classic crochet which is really a great full coverage covering and can be worn for either casual or formal wear.

A “newer” style  crochet snood which has quickly become one of the hottest selling crochets  ( our last shipment sold out in under a month!) Is the Pearl Crochet Snood, the textured ribbon like weave with a slight sheen gives this snood a more sporty and younger look which has made it a really popular crochet.

If ypou want to go really trendy, theres the Chenille crochet snood. This snood is available in tons of colors  and is as “in” a womens haircovering as it gets!

I think we’ve dispelled the notion that there is a lack of variety in the “crochet snood’ department so now let’s move on to…..

Misconception #2

“Crochet Snoods have no life, no real color”

Nothing can be further from the truth then this wide spread  misconception. Aside from the wide range of colors that Crochets are available from Baby Blue to Maroon to Black there are a range of Crochet Snoods that are made in a number of unique and lively Designs.

Another example of a really unique snood with personality is  the Beaded Crochet Snood this crochet is currently  available in three colors Black, Brown, and Grey. The beads turn this basic crochet snood into a really fun and unique headcovering!

Okay I think we cleared up a couple of the basic misconceptions so take another look maybe you’ll fall in love with  crochet snoods!

The Head Covering Wardrobe Part II: Sleep

Cotton Blend Snood by Rose Enterprise

Cotton Blend Snoods: Great for Sleep!

As we continue our discussion of what you can do to make your head coverings last longer, we turn to another source of frequent wear and tear on women’s headcoverings, and in a word it is ….


Yes, you got it. While  sleep is relaxing and rejuvenating for you as a person. For your snood, or  pre-tied bandana or any headcovering for that matter it’s not so much!

There are many women who cover their hair even when sleeping. Unfortunately, headcoverings worn  when you sleep tend to undergo unnecessary wear and tear.

In light of the above mentioned problem it’s recommended that you designate a different headcovering for sleeping time than the ones you use for daily wear.

Now, when choosing a “sleep head covering”, comfort and durability are the top priorities.

We have found that the Cotton Blend Snood from Rose Enterprise  is the one headcovering that really fits the bill for this purpose.

Since it’s made out of cotton it’s quite cool and comfortable while at the same time cotton blend Snoods are quite durable and great quality.

The comfort of this particular snood makes it ideal for more than just sleeping in. Many women complain that Snoods and other Head Coverings are too tight and stuffy to wear when they are cooking or working in a hot Kitchen.

The answer to this as well is: Go Cotton Blend!

The comfort is great and they have room to “breathe”.

For more info on the cotton blend snood you can check out the product info page at!

Incidentally, there are a women who cover their hair for “tznius” modesty reason who are really particular that their hair always be covered completley even when sleeping., Yet they have an issue that the haircovering keeps slipping. One great solution we heard was from a woman who like complete dark when she sleeps.

What did she do?

She pulled her haircovering over her eyes! Complete dark and no slippage!