Tying a Layered Headscarf

You know that headscarf that’s been sitting in the back of your closet? Yes the one that you have no idea how to tie!

Today is the day you will learn how to wear it!

Step 1: Start by putting on your undercover, You can choose whichever color you would like!


Step 2: Put the scarf over your head, leaving around two inches of the undercover showing for the layered look.

Step 3: Take the 2 ends and tie them together


Step 4: Make a simple bow


Step 5: Look Beautiful!!!


So go ahead and take out that headscarf! You deserve to look gorgeous!!!

Caring for your bald head

Last blog we discussed how to deal with hair loss but once its all out you say, “Now what?”

You may think that now that you don’t have hair you don’t have to take care of your scalp but boy are you mistaken.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your scalp

  1. Don’t get rid of the shampoo

Those tiny hairs on your scalp may be hard to see, but they still need some of your attention. Oil and dirt can build up on your head, so make sure to use a little bit of shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized. You may think that body soap is a better option but it will dry out your scalp so it’s best to go with products made for your hair.

  1. Shield your scalp from the sun

This is the most important thing to remember, being bald and burnt is no fun!

Hair protects your head from all elements so now that your head is not protected you will notice the weather more. If it’s the winter throw on a hat or headscarf. In the summer use sunscreen and a cap.

On cloudy days your head can burn too so make sure to use sunscreen and don’t skimp on it…

  1. Keep hydrated and moisturized

Especially in the winter when your head can dry out make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot and use sensitive moisturizer on your head.

  1. Try a Scalp Massage

Massaging your head helps circulation and promotes hair growth.

How to do it: Starting with all 10 fingertips on your head, gently apply pressure and massage over your head. Start from your forehead to the crown of your head and down your neck. It’s pretty easy to do it yourself.

  1. Be proud of your bald head

Hold your head up! Being bald is beautiful, but you have to own it! You are a warrior and fighter. Be proud!

Dealing with Hair Loss


Unfortunately, hair loss is usually a side effect of chemotherapy and it can be extremely rough. For a lot of women it is one of the hardest parts of having cancer. Most women begin to lose their hair 10 to 14 days after starting treatment.

The media today tells us that a woman’s hair should be full and beautiful. We are all supposed to be young, healthy and vibrant including our hair.

For many women undergoing chemotherapy it is difficult to shake their personal attachment to their hair so the process can be very painful and emotionally difficult.

As tough as hair loss is, it may be one of the areas where you can take back a little control by shaving it all off! It can take off some of the stress of watching it fall out and you can involve family members too.

If you do decide to let it fall out on its own here are a few tips to taking care of your hair

  • Go easy on your hair. Wash it only when it’s necessary and when you wash it make sure to be extremely careful and gentle. Only use gentle shampoo.
  • Gently pat or air dry your hair. Stay away from blow dryers or hair-styling tools since they may damage your hair.
  • Don’t dye or perm your hair since that will weaken it.
  • As your hair thins out wear a hat, headscarf or sunscreen outdoors. It will protect your head from the sun or the cold

Whatever you decide to do always remember that beauty is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Caring, giving and loving others is the true meaning of being beautiful. Let beauty shine from the inside out!

Here’s to wishing you good health always!

Add Color to Your Head Covering this Spring!

Try out a new color this spring! And feel good 'bout how you look!

Try out a new color this spring! And feel good ’bout how you look!

Did you ever wonder if you should add a little more color to your wardrobe. But were worried about how exactly to do so? Maybe you weren’t sure if a particular color suited you and so you just stuck with the tried and true?

If that’s the case, try adding a pop of color to your head covering and see how it goes!

It used to be that women wore all types of snoods and headcoverings – in lots of plaids, prints, and paisley designs. Then styles changed and solid was in. Black, Navy, Brown. Nice basic boring colors. But now we see the trend going lighter, springier, floral and patterned. And oh, what fun it is!

But if you are still too shy to try going all out with color, you can start with a basic solid headcovering such as beret or pretied headscarf with a little colored applique on it. Then, go from there and see where your style takes you this season!


Time to Start Thinking about Cold Weather Accessories!

Even if you are not yet wearing a coat, a scarf, earmuff and gloves will keep you toasty

Even if you are not yet wearing a coat, a scarf, earmuff and gloves will keep you toasty

Where I live, on the East Coast, cooler weather is definitely in the air. Especially in the early morning and evening, its no longer ok to leave the house as is. Time to start thinking about the cold weather accessories for the cooler weather.

Now is the time to take down that box on the top shelf of your closet and make sure you are well prepared. Gloves and Scarves have a habit of disappearing in my house. How ’bout by you? Good thing ear muffs are attached or I’d definitely lose half a pair!!

So once that box is down, check if you have the pairs you need in the colors you need. Kids and adults will love the colorful gloves and mittens in the softest chenille’s and knits this winter! Check that kids gloves still fit, and a nice way to update the look of a coat from last season is to buy a new pair of mittens in a bright fresh color for a whole new look!

Another great warm winter accessory you don’t want to go without is ear muffs or ear warmers. Even if you are not yet wearing a coat, a scarf, earmuff and gloves will keep you toasty. Buy earmuffs in a fun army print for boys or pink leopard print for girls.

Have fun with shopping for warm winter gear that will keep you cozy and healthy all winter long!

All About Hair Sticks & How to Wear Hair Sticks in Your Hair

woman wearing hair sticks

Hair Sticks are an elegant hair accessory for women that are simpler to use than they look!

For all of you who are new to hair sticks, a hair stick is a straight stick that comes to a point at the end. It is generally between 5 and 9 inches in length, and when two hair sticks or chopstix are used together they can hold hair up and out of ones face. They are fashionable, stylish and are a really exciting hair accessory once you know how to use them.

Believe it or not, hair sticks have been in use for thousands of years. Hair sticks were a popular hair accessory in the cultures of Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, and although most of them were jeweled luxury items, in Rome they were mainly simple and wooden and were worn by all, no matter their financial standing. Of course, the more common culture that wore these hair sticks were the Japanese, who still wear them today, along with anyone and everyone who came to find them dressy, original and right up their ally.

So as you can see, women have been styling their hair using hair sticks for a long time now, but still, many people have no idea how to use them. Although the result looks really elegant and extremely complicated, the truth is that once you get the hang of it it’s really simple! So for all of you out there who are interested in giving them a shot, below are a few simple steps of making a bun in your hair with hair sticks.

1. Start by brushing or coming your hair.

2. Hold your hair into a pony tail and hold the base tightly with your left hand.

3. Take your right hand and twist your pony tail into a spiral.

4. Then, take your twirled pony tail and start twirling it around and around the base of the pony. Once you’ve twirled it half way, take your left hand off from the base to hold the forming bun securely.

5. Tuck the end of your pony tail under the bun.

6. Secure the bun using a hair stick. Insert the stick pointed in and up, then lift like a lever and weave the stick into your hair.

The first few times you try it, you may want to give up – but try again because you’ll get the hang of it and hair sticks are really a great hair accessory to add to your collection!

Now’s The Perfect Time to Send a Gift: Five Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Now that its Gift Season, bet you’re all wondering what to get for that special person. Trying to stick to a budget, head coverings and hair accessories are definitely your best shot since they can go from any price range and are very well priced. In addition, now that its winter, everyone is starting to stock up on their winter wardrobe; perfect timing to send someone a stylish and special winter head covering or hair accessory.

Gift Wrap your holiday gift.

Gift Wrap makes the perfect gift all the more perfect!

Below are some really great ideas for holiday gifts! There’s something for everyone!

1. For someone who doesn’t cover their hair/head, you may want to get them a warm winter hat since no one ever has enough of those in the winter! Of course, depending on the giftee’s age and stage you might want to try a nice piece of costume jewelry, hair accessory or a hot pair of air muffs!

2. If you are purchasing something for someone new at covering their hair, try something simple, basic and top quality to get them exciting about the whole “covering” thing. You may want to try a soft cotton pre-tied bandana, a crochet snood, an Israeli tichel or a cotton cap depending on their style. For those with hair loss, it’s best to try and stick to cotton head coverings since they allow air to go in and out therefore preventing them from getting sweaty.

3. For someone who’s been covering their hair for a while now, be daring and try to get them a head covering they never tried before. For example, if they are totally attached to caps, try buying them a pre-tied bandana or a chenille snood! Everyone likes to try something new, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it! Of course, try to stick to colors that she likes so that it shouldn’t be too different and scary to try.

4. If you are not sure which head coverings they would like, you can never go wrong with getting them practical things to wear under their head coverings. The Milano WiGrip is a band with grip to wear under a headscarf or wig to ensure security without giving headaches. In addition, for those with hair loss, the hidden height undercover is a fitted cotton hat with a little volume to wear under head scarves to give the illusion of hair.

5. Everyone loves a gift certificate! With a gift certificate they can choose their favorite items according to their style and taste- that way you know for sure you got them something they love! A gift certificate is better than money itself since they can only use it in that store and you are assured that they will buy themselves a gift and not use it on anything else.

You may want to throw in a little extra something to the gift package such as a personalized mug, a balloon, a teddy bear or anything else you think they will appreciate to give it an extra special touch. In addition, getting your present all wrapped up with quality gift wrap makes it all that more exciting, I mean wouldn’t you like to get a gift all wrapped up? Don’t forget to add a little note or card with your best wishes and make this gift memorable.

Hope these ideas help you out with your holiday gift shopping.

Good Luck!