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Hair Accessory Styles: The Hair Bow Clip

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

As you know, hair clips are the perfect hair accessory to keep hair up. Whether you have short bangs that are constantly brushing on your eyes or whether you are looking to keep your kids hair out of their face –  a hair clip will do just the trick! Although hair clips are on the smaller side (which is great because they can fit in any bag or pocket book) don’t under estimate their strength! They are sturdy, comfortable and keep your hair up in a classy and stylish manner. Hair clips were originally created for practical purposes – add a bow however, and you have a fashion accessory!

Hair clip bows first became extremely popular during the Victorian Era (the era of the rule of Queen Victoria: 1837-1901) and during the Edwardian Era (the era of King Edward VII: 1901-1910). During the Victorian Era, women wore more simple bows in black and modest colors. They were generally small and low key. However, in the Edwardian Era, women wore bows of different colors and sizes, some extremely large and flashy. The bows of the Edwardian era were worn mostly by the upper class women and children. Since then, bows have remained a very pretty and popular hair accessory.

What makes the hair bow clip so popular?

The reason is because babies and children generally like to keep their hair out of their face for comfort. Therefore women turn to accessories to hold it out of their face. The reason most people choose hair bows for children is because they are all decorated and cute! Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces:) Some mothers even like getting them in many different colors to match all their outfits. Of course, as in most hair accessories, there are so many different styles that hair clip bows can be found in such as striped, polka dot, solid and much more. They come in all different colors such as pastel, neon, bold and dark for every taste and outfit.

So if you still haven’t found the perfect hair accessory to keep your kids hair out of her face (especially in these hot summer days) give the hair bow clip a try- I’m sure you’ll be pleased!!

Focus On Babies: Accessories

They come in many different styles, designs and colors and are perfect for any and every outfit.

I’m sure most mommy’s will agree with me that we always want our babies to look just right!

So towards accomplishing  this missiomn babies have tons of cute accessories which add a lot to their outfits and hair. Below are some  accessories you are sure to love that will make your baby stand out and make everyone ooh and aah….

Baby headbands make the perfect hair accessory to brighten up an outfit. Your baby can be wearing a dark outfit even an adorable  pajama set, and one little hairdband could come along and brighten the whole thing up! In addition, if you want to take an outfit that your baby has worn over and over again and make it look a little different, all you gotta do is add a cute baby  headband to make it look like completley different! So quit spending money on the wardrobe and go for the hair accessories that really make the difference!

Another great baby accessory which is also very practical is a snap clip or alligator clip. It  really comes in handy when your baby’s hair starts going in their face and bothers them. All you have to do is gently brush their hair to the side and hold it up with a pretty clip. Tatah! Problem solved and it’s just too cute!! They come in many different styles, designs and colors and are perfect for any and every outfit.

The baby hat is great for newborns and for all other babies in the winter. A comfortable cotton hat with a gorgeous applique is the perfect dress up for your adorable child. A stylish baby hat can add so much to an angelic newborn or toddler, protect their head, and at the same time can provide the comfort they are looking for.

Baby accessories are practical, beautiful, adorable and best of all CHEAP!! So have fun shopping and make sure to let us know which accessory is your favorite.


Focus on Babies: Cradle Cap

Use baby oil to get rid of cradle cap

Cradle cap looks something like eczema, typically found on a newborn or small baby’s forehead, or top of the head. It is very common and can be dealt with very easily. It is caused by imbalance of the mothers hormones which get passed over to the baby at birth causing over active oil glands. These over active oil glands bring cradle cap – dead skin cells which looks yellowish and similar to dry skin or eczema. Surprisingly though, although it looks painful and itchy, it actually brings no pain or discomfort to the baby. However, instead of just covering it up with a hair accessory for babies such as a baby hat or baby head band, all you need to do is follow some basic steps and before you know it, you’ll forget it was ever there.

Below are the two most popular ways to get rid of cradle cap:

  1. Today, they say this one is an old wives tale and a myth but it works and there’s no reason not to try it. Put baby oil on the cradle cap. Let it sit there for a good three minutes. Once it’s fully soaked into the skin, gently comb it out. You will not be able to take it all out at once but continue doing it every other day before giving them a bath as their hair will be all oily after you do it. Some say that it’s better to use olive oil. Heat up one cup of olive oil on the stove and then apply it like the baby oil.
  2. Brush the baby’s hair from front to back every morning and night for ten strokes each. You will see that some flakes will fall out. When giving a bath, massage the area gently and after bath dry their hair well and brush again.

However, now that you got rid of the cradle cap it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the baby hat you were putting on your baby to cover it up! Baby hats really add lot and are a great hair accessory for babies.


Hair Accessories for Babies: The Baby Hat

Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and a great hair accessory for babies.

One of the first articles of clothing that a baby is given when they are born is a hat! Of course the hospital ones are not exactly what we would call a stylish baby hat– but a hat is a hat. They wear it through their hospital stay and some wear one for a few months after that. So why is that? Why is it so important for babies to wear hats? Well, it’s not for nothing that baby hats are a popular clothing item in baby stores!

The first reason is because human beings lose a lot of heat through our heads. Therefore, by putting on a hat it keeps all the warmth in our bodies. When babies are born their temperature drops and for the first few months of their life they are about 10 degrees colder than a regular person. By putting them on a hat we are helping to keep them as warm as possible.

Another reason is because babies are used to being all bundled and snuggled up safe in the womb. When they are born, they are thrown right into the cold – which is something they are not accustomed to. The warm hats help them feel as though they are still snuggled up and safe in their mother’s womb.

Since babies cannot regulate their body temperature for the first six months of their life, it is recommended that they always wear hats outside in the cold weather. In summer months, sun hats can be very convenient to protect your baby from the heat to prevent a sun burn since their skin is more delicate and more sensitive then someone older.

Baby hats come in many different styles, colors and sizes. They are stylish, cute and oh so comfortable. Baby hats are great since they are healthy, practical and just like a baby headband they make a  great hair accessory for babies.