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Monkey See, Monkey DO!! Got Your BANANA Clip Yet??

A banana clip is a  curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

A banana clip is a curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

Did you know that banana clips are back in full swing? I find it to be perfect timing since these days it’s hot out and all I want to do is keep my hair up and off my neck! A banana comb allows me to keep my hair up and still look good. It makes my hair look long as oppose to putting it up in a pony holder which makes it look shorter. Plus, they are so much fun, colorful and summery!

For those of you not quite sure what a banana clip is – it’s a curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

Banana clips, like any other hair clip come in a variety of sizes. They can range from mini ones about 2.5 inches, up to large which are about 6 inches high. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair and the size of your head is the size banana clip you should go with. In addition, you can find banana clips made of cool shapes such as bows, flowers, swirls and much more! They come in many different colors, shapes and some even come in stylish prints or with rhinestones.

Banana clips are a great hair accessory to keep in your pocket book just in case you feel like putting your hair up. This practical and fashionable hair accessory is a flashback of the 80’s modern trend of today! I guess it’s the popular ones that always come back in:)

Hair Accessory Styles: The Banana Comb

Banana clips for hair are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons.

Banana clips for hair are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons.

Do you ever wonder where certain hair styles we wear come from? Well, let me start by telling you one thing- what goes around comes around!!

Most of the hair styles and women’s hair accessories we wear today were worn decades and generations ago. The styles just keep going round and round till we find ourselves right where we started! So when your grandma tells you she wore her hair the same way as you did when she was a kid she really means it! However every time they come around again they have an extra added touch for the current styles and trends.

So now that we’ve made that clear– let’s talk about banana combs The banana hair clip was actually one of the hottest hair accessories in the 80’s. Women then had feathered bangs and lots of layers (sounds familiar?!?!) so the banana clip made the perfect hair accessory to keep all that hair up (since with all their short layers, their hair wouldn’t fit in a pony well). Banana combs were the raid then – they were everywhere! They’ve come around again a few times since then and today th’ye once again making a comback!

A hair banana clip is a hair accessory in the shape of a banana which opens and closes from the top. The clip has teeth like a comb just a little more spread apart and allows you to pull your hair back from each side of your head. The effect is something like a line of hair running down the middle of your head.  It’s a great hair accessory if you have short hair and would like it to look longer because as oppose to a pony tail where all your hair is actually gathered and picked up, a banana comb simply brings your hair to the middle of your head to hold it together without lifting it up. In addition, if you wear a wig and find it hard to wear it down all the time especially in hot summer months, a banana clip is the perfect thing to hold your wig off your neck and out of your face. A banana comb can measure between 2.5 inches to 7 inches and comes in lots of different styles, designs and colors. Some are basic and simple and others have patterns or decorations such as studs, glitter, rhinestones, etc.

these combs are really pretty and make great hair accessories for lots of reasons. So let’s thank those folks from the 80’s for bringing them about for us- and can’t help but wonder what will come around next. 🙂

A Note about Hair Accessories…From the Teachers Desk.


Hair Accessory Dos and Don’ts from the Teachers Perspective

I walk into teach my 7th grade class on an early afternoon ready to start a brand new day and a brand new lesson; only to have five hands already raised.

“Could I go to the bathroom, I reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyy have to go” they shout.

Although they just had lunch I let them go thinking that at least the class will be quiet.

They come back in with their side bangs perfectly swept and their soft wide headbands sitting perfectly on their heads.

So that’s what they had to go to the bathroom for. Not only that, but they keep on opening their desks every two minutes to look in their tiny little mirror to make sure it’s still in place. Well, of course within the next five minutes one hair actually did move out of place and all of a sudden they’re frantically crying that they reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyy have to go to the bathroom.

“Wow, this is gonna be fun” I think to myself.

Don’t you agree with me that life would be so much simpler with some nice and stylish hair accessories that just let our kids live life?? Put it on once and you don’t have to check up on it till the end of the day.

The first step would probably be to drop those side bangs. Grow them in once and for all. Besides for being busy in the mirror the whole day making sure they’re perfectly in place and besides for constantly making sure they’re not oily (because they were touched the whole day), we teachers will actually be able to see your daughter’s eyes and face and she’ll be able to concentrate in class so much better. If she insists that she likes a cut in the front of her face why not try a middle part? The middle part cut is actually back in style in full force. And it keeps hair out of the way and we can actually see your child’s face that way too!

Another great way to keep her hair out of her face is with a headband. NOT a soft headband that slips and will probably fall off every three seconds, a headband with teeth that will actually stay on her head for a longer period of time.

Drop those bobby pins and go for the clips, they come in many different colors and are much more secure.

Next on the list is the back of the hair. The best way to keep it out of the way is to put it up. A banana clip can be an idea as long as it’s not loose and doesn’t slip out every two minutes. Otherwise, a butterfly clip, a jaw clip or a scrunchy could make the perfect fit. Stylish, simple and comfortable she won’t need to be all busy with her hair 24/7.

I can go on like this forever, but I think you get the point and I’m sure you agree with me by now that life and school would feel a thousand times more free and enjoyable without always having to be busy with hair accessories and what people will think if one hair is out of place because this way no hairs will be out of place.

For our part, on our side of the teacher’s desk, we will finally be able to have a class without any disruptions!

Really Bad Hair Days: Hair Accessory Tips and Tricks that REALLY Work.

Bad Hair Day!

Bad Hair Day...

There are not such great hair days, bad hair days and BAD hair days. Do you ever find that some mornings you wake up and nothing but nothing looks good? Your hair is frizzy, puffy or stringy and no matter what you try to put on to make it look good, it seems like there’s no hope?! Sometimes even your favorite hat or hair accessory can let you down on such a morning and it just makes you want to go right back into bed for the rest of the day. Well don’t do that yet, below are top ten ideas of how to prevent bad hair days and how to deal with them.

1.     To get your hair wavy and sleek, simply sleep with your hair in a braid. The more waves you want in your hair, the tighter it should be. If you simply want extra volume without getting your hair puffy or frizzy, make it a little looser. It’s a great trick that never lets you down!

2.     This may sound funny but if you simply want your hair to stay natural and not frizzy after you take a shower, simply either put your hair in a neat pony or let it loose and gently put it neatly into a pre-tied bandana either covering your whole head or half. What?!?!? A pre-tied bandana?????? Now how does that make a difference???? Well, it just keeps your hair in place throughout the night instead of it flying around and getting frizzy, puffy and drying in the wrong way. If you still don’t believe me, give it a try and let me know how it goes! Trust me, it won’t let you down!!

3.     For a neat pony with some volume or waves go to sleep the night before with your hair in a tight neat bun. Your hair will dry when it’s all twisted up in the bun and when you let it out in the morning it will be nice and wavy. If you want to give it that extra look you can add moose to your hair before you put it in your bun.

4.     Wake up with your hair all oily and just don’t have time to take a shower?!?!? Don’t freak out just yet. Run to the bathroom (or wherever you keep it) and pull out a BIG bottle of baby powder. Gently sprinkle some on your hand and spread it on your hair. At first your hair will be white but the more you brush it out, the sooner it will blend in. Since it is dry, it works wonders!! Once you try this trick baby powder will become your best friend and right hand man!

5.     Fizzy hair?! When it’s too late in the morning to start thinking of all the things you could have done last night to avoid it, just grab that banana clip – it makes all the difference!

6.     The best trick for puffy or frizzy hair is DON’T BRUSH IT!!! Yes, don’t brush your hair in the morning; it just makes it all that much puffier and harder to deal with. The only time you should brush it is after the shower to keep the knots out.

7.     If your planning on wearing your hair in a pony but it’s just wild today simply put your hair in the pony and run your hair iron through the pony, it takes two seconds and looks as if your whole head  is ironed. Don’t have a hair iron? Ask someone around you to lie your hair down on the ironing table (yes, the ironing table!) and go over your hair with a clothes iron. Make sure they don’t get too close to your scalp!

8.      Bangs are puffy or just not behaving?! Grab bobby pins and just put them up and out of the way – you might even start to like that hair style so much that you’ll want to wear it every day!

9.     When there’s no hope and there’s nothing to do about it just stuff all your hair into your newest beret and put on a smile 😉 it makes all the difference!!

10.   Can you share something that works for you??

Should I Tip the Waiter?…My Head Covering Fiasco!

Well, it all started out on a beautiful sunny Wednesday when my mother in law called and asked if it would be okay if she could come by Sunday night for supper to come visit the kids.
What was I supposed to say?!?!? No???? Of course I had to tell her to PLEASE come that we would be soooooooooooo happy to see her.
From that second on the sun was not shining outside any longer. I went from begging the cleaning lady to come on Sunday from 7 am – 7 pm for there was NO WAY my mother In law was walking into such a disaster and of course making my manicure, pedicure, facial and hair appointment. Then shopping for clothing for the kids, myself and my husband and starting to cook. I had not a second to breathe.
Sunday night came before I knew it. I must say, the house looked tip top and the kids looked adorable. The waiter was ready in the kitchen and of course I looked like a dream. The evening started off better than I expected- that’s until the waiter came out proudly holding my fresh ambrosia for the entrée and accidently bumped his toe into the leg of my chair dropping one right on my head. Just my luck. I excused myself from the table and ran up to my room frazzeled. OH NO!! What to do?? Luckily it had only touched the bottom ends of my hair so I just wet the ends a little and brushed it out. There was no way however that I was going to walk down with half a blow dried head so I quickly grabbed my new banana clip and gently clipped it on. Wow. That did the trick! It looked freshly blown with that extra wave and volume.
Luckily my mother in law loved the banana clip and I started to feel like it was a good thing that embrozia fell on my head – since when do I get a compliment from my mother in law?!?!
Anyways, I proudly got up to go to the kitchen to get the next course when I passed the mirror and realized that I had some ambrosia on the top of my head too that I hadn’t noticed before. Gosh – how did I miss it?!? I ran back up to my room in a dash and grabbed the new beret my grandmother had got me as a gift and put it on my head. Okay, I must say it did look a little silly together with the banana clip but it did the trick.
I came back down and headed straight to the kitchen to get the next course and proudly walked into the dining room. This time my mother in law obviously didn’t think I looked that great. “Honey” she said “what got into you?!?”. “Well” I said “I really am kinda chilly”. I could see she wasn’t quite pleased with the answer, I mean, It was summer after all….. “Next thing you’ll tell me is that your becoming religious and covering your hair totally with a headscarf!”. I just laughed but deep down I was thinkin boy is that a great idea for next time….