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4 Different Ways to Wear a Beret

Berets are great as fashionable head accessory, a modest head cover, or for hair loss. They are made with different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool or angora, all which are soft and comfortable to wear. They can also be found in many different colors, patterns and styles for different occasions from casual to dressy.
A beret can be worn as a full head covering with no hair showing. This makes it an ideal head covering for women with hair loss due to chemo or alopecia, and also for those who cover their hair for tzniut – modesty.

Beret full head covering

Another stylish way to wear a beret is perched at an angle on the head like a painter or an artist. It has a classy look and can add the finishing touches to that chic outfit. Smile daintily and wait for compliments.

Beret Painter style
Looking for some spunk? Try this style beret for some funk! It’s easy! Just simply tuck the back of your hair into the beret and leave the front hairs showing. Great way to cover up for a bad hair day! The secret’s between me and you! 😉

Beret spunk style
Here is another hot way to wear a beret. Let your hair loose and secure the beret on top of your hair on the crown part of your head. Let the beret hang down for a cool look. Now fly with the wind like a free bird! Bobby pins can help you keep your beret in place for looking good all day long.

Beret loose style
So, what’s your favorite way to wear a beret?

Spring Fashion 2013: All About Style

When it comes to prints, can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with flowers!

Every season brings along a new set of rules, colors and styles. Last week we discussed that this spring, neon, pastel and bright hair accessories are in style.

The big question is how should these colors be worn and what prints and designs are in?

When it comes to prints, can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with flowers! One of the hottest prints this season is floral. Depending on your taste and style you can go with bold and bright colors to brighten up an outfit for your floral design or, for a soft and simple look you can go for something more fresh and pastel; either one give a vibrant, fresh and summery look.

Of course, embracing the true spirit of spring, solid brights are just the thing. If you like to wear bold accessories that stand out and make a statement, just wear a solid bright neon accessory. Look for coral berets, aqua head wraps, neon green pre-tied bandanas and tangerine headbands. If you’d like to give it a twist and mix lots of bright accessories together, don’t be afraid to go for tye dye! Don’t forget to choose your accessories according to what your wearing; you don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like a clown.

For a dressy and classy style- the “black and white” look is back and better than ever! It’s everywhere in many different patterns such as checkered, striped, plaid, polka dots, etc. What can I say? What goes around comes around! This “back in style look” is sharp and eye catching due to the contrast between black and white.

Now that you know all this seasons styles and trends- knock yourself out and shop online for the style and colors that suit your taste.

The French Legend of the Beret

Red Beret

Where did the Beret originate?

They’ve been around so long that it’s not really clear where the beret was first invented. In fact French legend gives credit to Noah for its creation. According to the legend Noah used wool to insulate the the ark. With all the animals trampling on it for 40 days and 40 nights it turned into a tough material or fabric. That fabric, according to the legend was felt. Noah then used the felt to make himself a cap – or the first felt beret!

There’s another opinion that it was shepherds who first created the beret hat. Why shepherds? Well they wore these knitted wool hats outside every day and due to the weather conditions it swelled and became solid felt. And thus, they had a beret.
Most probably though, the beret hat originated in Greece 2,500 years ago. The Romans thought very highly of it so they adopted them. Soon it became the style for man, woman and child. Berets were seen everywhere in Rome. So, therefore they became known as a Greek – Roman hat.
From 2,500 years ago the hat beret has definitely come a long way, here are some of the more popular uses they’ve  been put to since the 1900’s.
– In the early 1900’s berets were mostly worn by the French (in France). Of course, Belgians also wore them since France set the trend for them. In France and Belgium, berets were worn only by men, either for uniform or style. It was also worn by younger boys for style.
– In the 1920’s the womens beret became very popular in America for women and girls. It was designed and decorated in a more feminine manner and was a very fashionable head covering.
– In the 1930’s the beret was mostly worn by men and boys in France and Belgium. In America, it was now little boys who wore berets for style.
– In the 1940’s, the beret hat was adopted by many military groups and forces.
– In the1950’s, scouts outside of France decided to adopt the beret as a uniform hat. They made a great uniform hat for a scout since they were comfortable and sat on the head in any position. They also got the idea from the military. Since the military had adopted this hat for their uniform it was more prestigious. However, once the military and the scouts started wearing these in France, men and little boys were rarely seen wearing berets for style anymore.
So there you have it. The concise history of the beret hat. Now-a-days they continue to be a fashionable head covering and the latest trends alway’s feature some version of this versatile little womens hat!