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The Braid Craze – Are YOU Hooked On Yet?

braidheadband-girlBraids, braids, braids. For a while, we thought we were kind of over them – but not for long! From fishtail braids, Pig tail braids, and more – Braids are the new craze this season. It seriously almost as if people have gone braid crazy, but I’m sure you can agree that they’re not to blame. Braids are fresh, braids and stylish and they are definitely beautiful. With braids in full swing we have the braid headbands flying.

Some of us are not lazy and will make a braid headband out of our real hair. How? Simply take a nice portion of hair from right above your right ear. Make a braid and bring it over as a head band all the way down to your left air. Pin it with a bobby pin and tadam- all done!

For those of us who ARE lazy on the other hand, consider wearing a braid headband! A braid headband is a hard headband with teeth that has a braid along it made of synthetic hair. It comes in 4 hair colors to match your hair. All you have to do is put it on and you look all hair styled.

Once you try them, I’m sure you’ll agree that braids are really all they are made out to be. You can have so much fun with braids so give them a shot!


Tying a Fish Tail Braid is Now as Easy as 1,2,3!

Ever wonder how to tie your hair in a Herringbone/ Fish Tail braid?! No need to wonder any longer, with just a few simple and easy steps that we provided for you below, you can now tie your hair in a Fish Tail braid!


–       Make sure to use the same thickness for each strand of your braid so that it should look even.

–       Depending on what effect you are trying to achieve, you can try using thick strands for a more chilled and loose look or you can use thin and skinnier strands for a more intricate, tight and put together braid.

–       Make sure to pull the strands tightly when weaving the braid so that it doesn’t fall apart before you even tie it with a pony tail.


We really hope this was helpful for you! Let us know how your fish tail braid comes out! It’s really a great hairdo especially in these hot summer days where you just want your hair off your neck and still want to keep stylish!

Good Luck!