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Have You Tried a Pre-tied Bandana Yet? Check Out One Of The Hottest Head Coverings On The Market!

Pre-tied bandanas are rapidly making it as one of the hottest and most liked head coverings everywhere.  For those of you who don’t know what a pre-tied bandana is, it’s basically a pre-tied headscarf. Instead of buying a head scarf and tying it yourself, simply buy a ready made, pre-tied bandana in the color and pattern you like and slip it on! It is pre sewn with an elastic in the back to hold it securely at the neck. In addition, they are made of comfortable materials such as cotton, lycra, velour and terry for different needs and seasons. A pre-tied bandana can be worn in many ways which makes it a fun head covering!

Below are a few different ways to wear a pre-tied bandana.

1. Wear a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering. Take your pre-tied bandana, put it on your forehead and pull it back till about half way down your head. The rest of your hair should be sticking out. Wearing a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering is great for those with thin hair, bald spots and those who are starting to lose their hair.

2. Wear it as a full head covering. Slip it on and tuck all your hair under the elastic by the neck. Simple as that! You should have two tails, one hanging down on either side of your head. If you’d like you can leave them hanging or you can make a knot so they should be short and out of your way. It makes a great head covering for those who cover all their hair for religious purposes or those with partial or full hair loss.

3. Try tying your pre-tied head scarf into a bun style! For this style, you will need to buy a pre-tied bandana with long tails (around 10-14 inches) to make it work. Those with hair loss can or a short hair cut can use a Hidden HEIGHT cotton undercover to achieve the same look. Put your hair into a bun and then put on your pre-tied. Then, simply take one of the tails, twist it, and wrap it tightly around the top of the bun. Tuck the excess fabric of the tail under the twist once you have gone fully around one time.  Do the same with the other tail and you’re all done! One more tip: add a scrunchie pony holder to your bun to increase the volume if you have thin or short hair.

These are just a few basic ideas but there are so many more out there to experiment – be original!  Once you get used to wearing a pre-tied bandana you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without one!


Hidden HEIGHT on MyHeadcoverings.com

People undergoing hair loss often complain that even if their head scarf is attractive it is still missing the “look” that a headscarf gives off on someone who has hair because it simply looks flat on the head. Incidentally, this problem is not unique to people with hair loss; women with very thin hair also complain about this. Until now, our main solution for women with this issue who still wished to wear headscarves (which are the lightest headcovering) was either to direct them to out Pre-tied Bandanas with Height section or to send them to our Tichel tying guide to show them some ways to tie their headscarf that would show some height in the front. Well, now we are pleased to offer a new product online that may solve this problem once and for all. The Hidden HEIGHT Undercover. Basically, it’s a light cotton cap with a feather light cushion insert that is worn as an undercover with any headscarf. It’s so light and comfortable that you’ll barely notice that it’s there. At the same time, it adds the “Height” that you are looking for. We must say, at first we brought in a small sampling of these “Hidden HEIGHT Undercovers” to test them out. They sold so quickly and the reviews back were really positive, women simply loved it. So we decided to bring in a larger quantity. Try it out you’ll be amazed at the results.

Chemo Head Scarves

Pre-tied with Height for Cancer

Cotton Pre-tied with Height – Great for Chemo!

By B. Levi

Many women purchase headcoverings to help them deal with hair loss following chemotherepy treatments.

Why does Chemo cause hair loss?

Chemotherapy is currently the main tool used to battle cancer. Usually it’s a drug which destroys the cancerous cells in the body. Unfortunately it doesn’t discriminate and therefore it can also destroys “good” cells, thereby damaging the hair follicles making hair loss an inevitable side effect of this treatment. There are a great many options available for women in this situation and each women is encouraged to make sure she finds the one that is best for her and makes her feel most comfortable. However if a woman chooses to use head scarves or headwraps during chemo there are some important things to keep in mind.

There are two major problems with scarves, one is “slickness” and the other is itch. Let’s tackle slickness. Scarves made from satin or silk or any material with a slick texture will usually have a difficult time staying in place on one’s head and “slippage” becomes a major problem. Either avoid them completely or use a “wigrip” or cotton undercover – 2 different products that eliminate “slippage”.

The next thing to bear in mind is comfort. Many wool fabrics will itch and unnatural polyesters in in many cases are not “breathable” and will cause excessive uncomfort. In light of these facts, it is usually best for women undergoing chemo to purchase headscarves made from natural fibers such as linen or cotton that are “breathable” meaning they allow the scalp to breathe. If the place you are buying your headscarf from does not list the fabric type, don’t hesitate to call them up and inquire before buying.

In closing, we hope all who purchase headscarves due to hair loss from chemo only have to use them very temporarily and get their hair and healthy bodies back as quick as possible!

(Sources include articlesnatch, american cancer society, and others)

A Great Cause by B.Levi

Join the Cause!

We at MyHeadcoverings.com have always known that our customers include a number of extraordinary people and the following e-mail we recieved buttresses our point.

Kaylee Kampf is a student at Yeshiva University and recently she became engaged to Andy Stahler.

Kaylee is also an Orthodox Jewish Woman who plans on covering her hair after marriage as is traditional among many Jewish Women.

Understandably, the engagement period is a pretty exhillirating time for a young engaged coupl,e and many times the couple tends to become slightly wrapped up in themselves.

Kaylee and Andy decided in their case it would be different.

Kaylee wrote to us that in honor of her begining to cover her hair they felt it appropriate to start a “Hats off for Cancer” campaign. Her and her groom have set about collecting all sorts of new or gently used Hats, Scarves, and Wigs for patients that are undergoing Chemotherapy.

All donations are to be donated to the WINGS Cancer Foundation based in the West Clinic in Kaylee’s Hometown of Memphis, Tennasee.

Of course, we agreed to donate to the cause, and in the spirit of Kaylee and Andy’s dedication we’ve decided to help out by offering a 20% discount on any order purchased for the “Hats off to Cancer” campaign.

Of coure, to be eligible the order must be shipped to the Memphis address below that is the campaign headquarters. (Just place your order on the MyHeadcoverings.com site with the shipping address listed below. Then send us an email at customerservice@myheadcoverings.com and we will refund you 20% of the purchase back to your credit card, paypal, or google accout used)

Best wishes to Kaylee and Andy both with their present campaign and their forthcoming marriage and Best wishes for Good Luck

All Donations can be mailed to:

Kaylee Kampf
450 Jason Drive
Memphis, TN 38120

Winnong The Lotto…for Real by B.Levi

I know that this series is supposed to be a humor series,  but I just came across a story I just had to write about.

You know how every one always dreams abut what they would do if they won the lottery?

Well check this out.

An elderly retired couple in Nova Scotia, Canada won the lottery to the tune of 11.2 million dollars.

Well, what did Allen and Violet Large do with their winnings?

They gave charity, lots of charity.

In fact they gave the entire sum away to charity!

That’s right over 11 million dollars!

In interviews Allen and Violet (who had just completed chemo treatments) stated they had all they wanted and you can’t buy happiness. In fact Violet said that giving all that charity had made her feel better.

As they said, they already had the important things in life….Each other.

Sometimes it’s stories like these that we should keep in mind. So that when the mornings rough or we feel down we remember the important things in life.

I figured this was a great story for the Family Life series.