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4 Different Ways to Wear a Beret

Berets are great as fashionable head accessory, a modest head cover, or for hair loss. They are made with different types of fabrics such as cotton, wool or angora, all which are soft and comfortable to wear. They can also be found in many different colors, patterns and styles for different occasions from casual to dressy.
A beret can be worn as a full head covering with no hair showing. This makes it an ideal head covering for women with hair loss due to chemo or alopecia, and also for those who cover their hair for tzniut – modesty.

Beret full head covering

Another stylish way to wear a beret is perched at an angle on the head like a painter or an artist. It has a classy look and can add the finishing touches to that chic outfit. Smile daintily and wait for compliments.

Beret Painter style
Looking for some spunk? Try this style beret for some funk! It’s easy! Just simply tuck the back of your hair into the beret and leave the front hairs showing. Great way to cover up for a bad hair day! The secret’s between me and you! 😉

Beret spunk style
Here is another hot way to wear a beret. Let your hair loose and secure the beret on top of your hair on the crown part of your head. Let the beret hang down for a cool look. Now fly with the wind like a free bird! Bobby pins can help you keep your beret in place for looking good all day long.

Beret loose style
So, what’s your favorite way to wear a beret?

Hair Loss Spotlight: Trichotillomania

soft wide headwrap

Soft wide headbands make a great head covering for Trichotillomania when hair loss is on top of the head

Sometimes you may see some with a bald patch or missing part of their eyebrows. The urge to give a “second look” at what may seem an unusual sight is pretty strong.

However, don’t.

You may be seeing someone who is battling Trichotillomania.

What is this disorder which you in all probability never heard of?

The term trichotillomania was coined by a French dermatologist by the name of Francois Henri Hallopeau in 1885. It basically involves a compulsive urge to pull ones hair out. Often one hair at a time.

According to the DSM-IV it is an impulse control disorder and the peak ages of onset is between 9 and thirteen.  It is classified by the Office of Rare Diseases as a rare disease.

There are many suspected contributing factors to the onset of this disorder including stress and/or low self-esteem and a fear of socializing.

The side effects of “Trich” can be serious as the hair loss can cause skin damage and in rare instances the consumed hair can form a matted hairball in the digestive tract and cause severe hair loss, vomiting, and intestinal obstruction and in very rare cases can ultimately be fatal.

If hair loss from Trichotillomania is discovered in younger children it is often self-correcting, however in adults it can be more problematic and re occurring and is considered a difficult disease to treat. However, usually Therapy plays a crucial role in successful treatment of this hair loss condition.

Many people dealing with this condition use various head covers  or wide head bands to “cover up” and try and hide their hair loss.  If however you happen to see someone who looks like they may have this socially awkward problem don’t stare as it does not help the person who is battling to overcome this disorder.

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Introducing Berets


Cotton Berets

We’ve already written posts about Snoods, Pre-tied Bandanas and Hats so now we figured it’s time to introduce you to another one of the great headcoverings that stock the vitual shelves of MyHeadcoverings.com.
Berets are a mainstay of womens headcoverings and are worn both as a fashion statement and as a religous headcover.
Berets are becoming popular worn as a short snood that provides complete coverage but does not leave any excess material on the neck.
MyHeadcoverings.com carries lots Berets in Four different fabrics from S.G Accessories a maker that specilizes in producing quality womens headcoverings.
1) Cool Cotton
2) Cozy and Comfortable Angora Wool
3) Acrylic
4) Polyester

Angora Beret

In the winter months the really Cozy Angora Berets from S.G Acccessories are a great choice. They feature an 8 section pattern that lends a touch of interest to the otherwise plain beret.

Houndstooth Beret

Houndstooth Beret

If you want something with a little more personality try our  Acrylic Houndstooth Beret that has a lining to help keep you warm.
Now if youre looking for something for a more formal occasion why not try the Silver Swirls Beret a really pretty piece at a really great price!
We’ve chosen to highlight just a few of our many Berets to give you some ideas but really you should check out our whole Beret section and pick the ones that suits you best!