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Back To School: What Is YOUR Princess Going To Wear In Her Hair On Her First Day Back?!

backtoschoolThe first day of school is nearing. It’s a fresh start. Brand new hair accessories, school supplies, pencils crisply sharpened and the folders just waiting to be filled with homework sheets and assignments. I can smell the plastic of the new binders and the rich leather of new shoes; and I smile. There is the care free feeling of a young child just waiting to drink in the knowledge that they’ll soon learn.

The big question is of course: What is your little one going to wear in her hair on her first day of school?

All the girls will come in looking all fresh and neat with a renewed excitement that the summer brought about. Start her year on the right foot with a variety of neat, stylish, preppy and fresh hair accessories! Below are a few cute ideas you might want to try in her hair.

  • As we all know, braids are at the peek of fashion this season. If your daughters hair is nice and sleek, consider leaving her hair down with a middle part. Then, make a nice size braid on each side and tie them together in the back for a princess look. You can always add a nice little bow to tie it all up. This look will definitely give off some sunshine as she walks into her classroom for the very first time.
  • Hair bows. They come in lots of different sizes and styles depending on the age. They can be worn in many different ways – you just got to be original! Form a half a pony to a pony to anything in between you never go wrong when you stick to hair bows.
  • Hard headbands make the perfect hair accessory to keep a kids hair out of her face. Try a neon, bright and cool hard headband and let your little princess shine this year!
  • Does your child want to wear her hair up yet it’s still a little too short to stay up? Try giving her a banana clip! A banana clip will not only keep her hair together but it will make her hair look long. In addition, banana clips are really cool and exciting – it’ll definitely give her a boost!

So go ahead and get cracking on finding that perfect hair accessory for your little girl and you’ll see how excited she’ll be on that first day of school when she looks nothing less than perfect.

Hair Accessory Styles: The Hair Bow Clip

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

As you know, hair clips are the perfect hair accessory to keep hair up. Whether you have short bangs that are constantly brushing on your eyes or whether you are looking to keep your kids hair out of their face –  a hair clip will do just the trick! Although hair clips are on the smaller side (which is great because they can fit in any bag or pocket book) don’t under estimate their strength! They are sturdy, comfortable and keep your hair up in a classy and stylish manner. Hair clips were originally created for practical purposes – add a bow however, and you have a fashion accessory!

Hair clip bows first became extremely popular during the Victorian Era (the era of the rule of Queen Victoria: 1837-1901) and during the Edwardian Era (the era of King Edward VII: 1901-1910). During the Victorian Era, women wore more simple bows in black and modest colors. They were generally small and low key. However, in the Edwardian Era, women wore bows of different colors and sizes, some extremely large and flashy. The bows of the Edwardian era were worn mostly by the upper class women and children. Since then, bows have remained a very pretty and popular hair accessory.

What makes the hair bow clip so popular?

The reason is because babies and children generally like to keep their hair out of their face for comfort. Therefore women turn to accessories to hold it out of their face. The reason most people choose hair bows for children is because they are all decorated and cute! Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces:) Some mothers even like getting them in many different colors to match all their outfits. Of course, as in most hair accessories, there are so many different styles that hair clip bows can be found in such as striped, polka dot, solid and much more. They come in all different colors such as pastel, neon, bold and dark for every taste and outfit.

So if you still haven’t found the perfect hair accessory to keep your kids hair out of her face (especially in these hot summer days) give the hair bow clip a try- I’m sure you’ll be pleased!!