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Monkey See, Monkey DO!! Got Your BANANA Clip Yet??

A banana clip is a  curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

A banana clip is a curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

Did you know that banana clips are back in full swing? I find it to be perfect timing since these days it’s hot out and all I want to do is keep my hair up and off my neck! A banana comb allows me to keep my hair up and still look good. It makes my hair look long as oppose to putting it up in a pony holder which makes it look shorter. Plus, they are so much fun, colorful and summery!

For those of you not quite sure what a banana clip is – it’s a curved hair clip that has teeth and opens and closes from the top.

Banana clips, like any other hair clip come in a variety of sizes. They can range from mini ones about 2.5 inches, up to large which are about 6 inches high. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair and the size of your head is the size banana clip you should go with. In addition, you can find banana clips made of cool shapes such as bows, flowers, swirls and much more! They come in many different colors, shapes and some even come in stylish prints or with rhinestones.

Banana clips are a great hair accessory to keep in your pocket book just in case you feel like putting your hair up. This practical and fashionable hair accessory is a flashback of the 80’s modern trend of today! I guess it’s the popular ones that always come back in:)

Top 5 Hair Styles Topped with Stylish Hair Accessories for Hot Summer Days!

Topsey Pony Tail

1. Looking for something different and original to do in your hair? Try making (what I like to call) a Topsy!

First thing first. ALWAYS carry a ponytail holder with you in the summer. Whether you’re going to the park, the beach, on an outing or anywhere outdoors for that matter, the second you get too hot, sweaty or itchy all you gotta do is slip it out and tie your hair up and out of the way. Never underestimate the power of a Pony Holder, it may be small but it is definitely one of the most practical hair accessories I know of.

1. Looking for something different and original to do in your hair? Try making (what I like to call) a Topsy! Tie your hair into a pony tail with a pony holder. Then, right above the pony holder, make a little hole by dividing your hair down the middle and separating it. Now, take your pony tail and put it over and in the separation you just made. Tighten your pony holder for a secure fit. This pony with a twist is a great hair style to do on your little one, your big one or yourself!

2. For a Hawaiian, beach and summery look, put your hair in a low side bun. If you’d like to have some hair in your face, take out a few strands of hair from here and there for a chilled, natural look. Then, take a big colorful and summery flower hair clip and put it right above your bun. Wow! So fresh and easy!

3. Rolled out of bed with a bad hair day? Can’t seem to tame your frizzy hair in the humidity? Consider wearing a hot and stylish summer cap! By wearing a cap in the summer, not only do you look fashionable but you are actually protecting your face form getting sunburned at the same time!

4. If you haven’t got yourself a soft wide head wrap yet –NOW’S THE TIME!! Headwrap headbands are the hottest hair accessory this summer! Wear it as a partial head cover, a thin head band, over a fall wig and much more! Buy one simple hair accessory and keep on wearing it in different ways. What’s nice about a soft wide head wrap hair band is that it allows you to leave your hair down in the summer and still keep cool- definitely the best of both worlds!

5. Looking for a hairstyle that you won’t have to be busy with all day? Tie your hair into a neat French braid and put a bow at the end! Make sure to tie it secure so that it’ll last you all day long. This is a great hair style especially for little kids who run around all day and can’t stand to have hair on their face or neck.

Hope these tips were helpful! Any more suggestions? We’d love to hear!

Claw/Jaw Clips- The Perfect Hair Accessory for Anyone and Everyone!

With a leopard jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides!

Sticking to this seasons fall trends- there are many different stylish hair accessories that can be worn to really put together an entire outfit. If you are just not the kind of person to wear a leopard sweater or plaid shoes, try wearing a small hair accessory instead. Of course, we thought of the perfect accessory for you! With a leopard print jaw clip or plaid butterfly clip, not only will you be dressed in style but you will love the comfort and practicality it provides. Below we put together a few different ways and jaw clip (aka claw clip or butterfly clip) can be used.

1. Half Up:

You just got your hair done and don’t want to ruin it or you simply like to wear your hair down to give a dressy or put together look but you hair is flying all over your face due to the wind or any other reason? We’ve got the perfect solution for you! Using a medium sized butterfly clip, put your hair half up (as in half a pony) and clip it in place. This will help your hair to stay out of your face still allowing you to keep your hair down without getting I ruined!

2. A pony:

You can’t handle having your hair down all the time and want to keep as comfortable as possible without having hair on your neck, however, you have to go to work and still look presentable and classy? Try wearing a fancy jaw clip to hold all your hair together and still allow you to look dressy! As for the size of the claw clip, it all depends on the thickness of your hair. If you have very thick hair – try a large jaw clip and if your hair is on the thinner side – definitely go for a medium sized clip.

3. To accessorize:

If your little ones hair is always in her face or she just loves having clips in her hair, try using tiny little butterfly clips in adorable colors such as lavender, pink, etc. to hold her hair up and out of her face. There are lots of ways to use these small clips but some of the most popular ways is to make them a side part, sweep their hair to the other side and hold it up with a clip or two. Or for an older kid, take their front bang or side bang and bring it up on top of their head to form a little bump and place a butterfly clip to hold it in place. Of course you can always try what we used to do in the good old days when we were kids and cover our heads with our entire butterfly clip collection to make it look like a plastic hat:)

4. A Bun:

For a very classy and grown up look, gather your hair together as if making a pony. Twist the pony a few times around into one big curl. Then, hold it up in the middle of your head and place a clip to hold it together or turn it around and around to form a bun and use a butterfly clip to hold it in place.

Of course, there is so much more that can be done with jaw clips. The moral of the story is Jaw clips are great to have on you at all times since they can actually hold your hair up in any way you like.

Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part 2

There are many different kinds of hair clips and believe it or  not, every hair clip is designed and created for it’s own purpose. Don’t get confused when you see two different clips with the same applique because although it looks extremely similar, one may not be suited for your hair type. So before shopping for your hair clips, take a look at all the different kinds of hair clips to see which one it is you are looking for. In Part 1 of this series we named a few for you, and below are a few more.

1. Pinch Clip

This clip is similar to an alligator clip just without the teeth making it suitable for babies as well as kids and women of all ages. Since there are no teeth it can slip so you may need to put a pony or bobby pin in the hair first to hold in place.

pinch clip

2. Jaw Clip

A jaw clip is made up of two plastic pieces attached together on the top by a metal string. To open it, pinch the two pieces on the top. The jaw clip has teeth and can grasp a large amount of hair (depending on its size).  A jaw clip is great for ponies, to hold all your hair up or for a half a pony.

jaw clip

3. Snap Clip

This is a metal clip that opens by bending back and closes by bending forward with an audible snap. Great for babies or for holding things on the hair like tichels or headwraps, or great for keeping bangs out of your face or your little girl’s eyes.

snap clip

So now that you have all the information about hair clips, we hope that all this information helps you out and makes your shopping experience easier to find the exact clip you are looking for!

Hair Accessory Styles: The Hair Bow Clip

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

As you know, hair clips are the perfect hair accessory to keep hair up. Whether you have short bangs that are constantly brushing on your eyes or whether you are looking to keep your kids hair out of their face –  a hair clip will do just the trick! Although hair clips are on the smaller side (which is great because they can fit in any bag or pocket book) don’t under estimate their strength! They are sturdy, comfortable and keep your hair up in a classy and stylish manner. Hair clips were originally created for practical purposes – add a bow however, and you have a fashion accessory!

Hair clip bows first became extremely popular during the Victorian Era (the era of the rule of Queen Victoria: 1837-1901) and during the Edwardian Era (the era of King Edward VII: 1901-1910). During the Victorian Era, women wore more simple bows in black and modest colors. They were generally small and low key. However, in the Edwardian Era, women wore bows of different colors and sizes, some extremely large and flashy. The bows of the Edwardian era were worn mostly by the upper class women and children. Since then, bows have remained a very pretty and popular hair accessory.

What makes the hair bow clip so popular?

The reason is because babies and children generally like to keep their hair out of their face for comfort. Therefore women turn to accessories to hold it out of their face. The reason most people choose hair bows for children is because they are all decorated and cute! Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces:) Some mothers even like getting them in many different colors to match all their outfits. Of course, as in most hair accessories, there are so many different styles that hair clip bows can be found in such as striped, polka dot, solid and much more. They come in all different colors such as pastel, neon, bold and dark for every taste and outfit.

So if you still haven’t found the perfect hair accessory to keep your kids hair out of her face (especially in these hot summer days) give the hair bow clip a try- I’m sure you’ll be pleased!!