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Tips for Putting Bobby Pins in Properly in your Hair

bobby pin in hair

How to wear a bobby pin in your hair

It’s amazing how a bobby pin which is so small and looks so useless is actually one of the most wanted and practical hair accessories. Originally, this flat wire hairpin with prongs that press tightly together was used to hold bob hairstyles in place; hence the name. The little bobby pin though, can be used in many different hair styles, not just the bob. Bobby pins are a great way to hold your hair up without using harsh chemicals, tricky fasteners or any heat tool to do the trick. Besides for that they are easy to use and can be carried around in a pocket book for emergencies.

There are a few simple steps to follow when putting a bobby pin in your hair. So for those of you who’ve had trouble in the past keeping your hair pins securely on your head, below are a few tips to ensure your bobby pins will work for you.

Firstly, make sure that the wavy side if the bobby pin is facing down. No, the waves are not just there to make the pin look exciting, they’re actually there to grip and lock the pin in place. Besides for that, it also allows you to get more hair in there and believe it or not, simply putting the waves on bottom really helps prevent hair from slipping out all day long.

Also, before you slip the bobby pin on your hair try to open it from the opening just a bit so that it can get as much hair as possible. The mistake people make is opening it with they’re teeth because first of all your teeth are too strong for such a delicate pin and will probably stretch it too much causing it not to hold properly and secondly, you might by mistake bight off that plastic piece at the tip to prevent it from scratching your scalp.

Another great tip is that if you have thick hair or you are looking to use your bobby pin to hold a lot of hair up you may want to try using two bobby pins and forming an x. First, hold your hair up (the piece you are looking to hold down with bobby pins), then take a bobby pin in your right hand and going from right to left insert it diagonally on the piece of hair. Then, take a bobby pin in your left hand and going from left to right insert it onto and into the bobby pin already there. This will secure the bobby pins in place and ensure that they will remain there for as long as you need.

Aside from the practical side of bobby pins, they can also be used as decorative hair accessories. Many brides wear extra fancy rhinestone bobby pins in their hair-dos on their special day! And even for regular days, bobby pins don’t have to be just black or gold, beautiful decorative hair pins abound with designs ranging from the small and delicate to the large statement hair pins!

So go ahead and give them another shot if you’ve stopped trying. Besides, they manage to do the trick and they cost pennies per pin so it really doesn’t hurt to try.

Hair Accessories: A Hair Clip Guide – Part 2

There are many different kinds of hair clips and believe it or  not, every hair clip is designed and created for it’s own purpose. Don’t get confused when you see two different clips with the same applique because although it looks extremely similar, one may not be suited for your hair type. So before shopping for your hair clips, take a look at all the different kinds of hair clips to see which one it is you are looking for. In Part 1 of this series we named a few for you, and below are a few more.

1. Pinch Clip

This clip is similar to an alligator clip just without the teeth making it suitable for babies as well as kids and women of all ages. Since there are no teeth it can slip so you may need to put a pony or bobby pin in the hair first to hold in place.

pinch clip

2. Jaw Clip

A jaw clip is made up of two plastic pieces attached together on the top by a metal string. To open it, pinch the two pieces on the top. The jaw clip has teeth and can grasp a large amount of hair (depending on its size).  A jaw clip is great for ponies, to hold all your hair up or for a half a pony.

jaw clip

3. Snap Clip

This is a metal clip that opens by bending back and closes by bending forward with an audible snap. Great for babies or for holding things on the hair like tichels or headwraps, or great for keeping bangs out of your face or your little girl’s eyes.

snap clip

So now that you have all the information about hair clips, we hope that all this information helps you out and makes your shopping experience easier to find the exact clip you are looking for!

Wedding Hair Styles: Using Real Flowers as Hair Accessories

Besides for the fact that the tradition of braiding flowers in your hair for special occasions goes back thousands of years, wearing flowers as a hair accessory in your hair is actually very in style and fashionable this season.

Besides for the fact that the tradition of braiding flowers in your hair for special occasions goes back thousands of years, wearing flowers as a hair accessory in your hair is actually very in style and fashionable this season.

Now that we are just about to enter wedding season, can’t think of a better way to start than with flowers! Besides for the fact that the tradition of braiding flowers in your hair for special occasions goes back thousands of years, wearing flowers as a hair accessory in your hair is actually very in style and fashionable this season. So whether you have a wedding coming up or not the brief demonstration we provided for you below on how to weave flowers into your hair is something anybody and everybody can benefit from.

1. Choosing the right flowers for your hair:

Before you actually start putting the flowers in your hair you must select the flower or group of flowers you would like to wear. Take the time to choose the flowers that compliment your skin tone and your outfit. Some flowers are more durable than others. For example, the orchid is hardier, stronger and long lasting. For a cheaper alternative and a completely different look try the Baby’s Breath flowers (especially nice for kids hair styles) that are also long lasting. In addition, believe it or not, different flowers mean different things; they speak their own language. For example, the red rose symbolizes passion and love, while the pink rose symbolizes friendship, admiration and happiness. Violet represents modesty and faithfulness and Camellia is for gratitude. Of course, every color means something else but generally for weddings or simply for style you might just want to keep to something that compliments you and looks good with what you are wearing.

Now that you have chosen the flowers, place their stems in water.

2.  Preparation:

Start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Gently brush out any knots or tangles and make sure your hair is smooth to get the best effect for your braid. Try to have one mirror in front of you and one mirror behind you so you can clearly see what’s going on. You can simply place the flower at the front of your hair, in an up do, in a pony or in a braid.

3.  Add the flowers:

If you intend on putting hair spray in your hair to keep your up do, braid or hair style in place, do so BEFORE you put the flowers in. This is very important because hair spray contains alcohol which is the number one ingredient to make flowers die and shrivel up! To keep your flowers alive through the day or throughout a wedding, try to spray some water on the flowers once or twice without getting your hair wet as not to mess up your hair style.

Now, take the flower(s) you want to place in your hair. Cut the stem to about one inch in length. Gently place them where you would want them to sit and make sure the stem is hidden beneath your hair. Once it is exactly where and how you like it, secure it in place with a bobby pin. If you’d like to make it a more simple you can just cut the stems off totally and with your glue gun gently glue them on to an alligator hair clip or barrette.

There, you have it! Of course, we provided you with one of the more simple ways to wear flowers in your hair. There are many more different ways I’m sure you know about… Care to share?

Focus on Hair Care: Static in your hair

Static blues

Static blues

In the winter time you may notice that your hair and clothing are suddenly full of static. The big question everyone asks  is “why is static so common in the winter? What makes static come, and how can it be prevented?

Static is caused by a build up of electrons. The water and humidity in the air generally helps these electrons move off you more quickly so you don’t build up a big charge. However, in the winter when the air is very dry and lacking humidity there is nothing there to remove these electrons which is why we are all staticy.


I woke up in the morning

On the wrong side of my bed,

To discover my hair

standing on my head.

With no time to waste

I ran to school,

Although I knew

I looked like a fool.

The kids in my class

were complaining all day,

“We can’t see the board

With her hair in the way”.

The teacher was annoyed

And asked me to explain,

I told her I tried to fix it

But my efforts were in vain.

Well then

So all I could say,

I sure hope tomorrow

Will be a better day.


Tips for static:

1. Spray static guard on your hair brush before brushing your hair.

2. Use the Goody Signature Satin Brush  with tourmaline to prevent and remove static.

3. Use moisturizing shampoo for additional moisture in the winter.

Do you have any tips that work for you that you’d like to share with us?! Please leave a comment if you do!


Hidden HEIGHT on MyHeadcoverings.com

People undergoing hair loss often complain that even if their head scarf is attractive it is still missing the “look” that a headscarf gives off on someone who has hair because it simply looks flat on the head. Incidentally, this problem is not unique to people with hair loss; women with very thin hair also complain about this. Until now, our main solution for women with this issue who still wished to wear headscarves (which are the lightest headcovering) was either to direct them to out Pre-tied Bandanas with Height section or to send them to our Tichel tying guide to show them some ways to tie their headscarf that would show some height in the front. Well, now we are pleased to offer a new product online that may solve this problem once and for all. The Hidden HEIGHT Undercover. Basically, it’s a light cotton cap with a feather light cushion insert that is worn as an undercover with any headscarf. It’s so light and comfortable that you’ll barely notice that it’s there. At the same time, it adds the “Height” that you are looking for. We must say, at first we brought in a small sampling of these “Hidden HEIGHT Undercovers” to test them out. They sold so quickly and the reviews back were really positive, women simply loved it. So we decided to bring in a larger quantity. Try it out you’ll be amazed at the results.

Hair Loss Spotlight: Trichotillomania

soft wide headwrap

Soft wide headbands make a great head covering for Trichotillomania when hair loss is on top of the head

Sometimes you may see some with a bald patch or missing part of their eyebrows. The urge to give a “second look” at what may seem an unusual sight is pretty strong.

However, don’t.

You may be seeing someone who is battling Trichotillomania.

What is this disorder which you in all probability never heard of?

The term trichotillomania was coined by a French dermatologist by the name of Francois Henri Hallopeau in 1885. It basically involves a compulsive urge to pull ones hair out. Often one hair at a time.

According to the DSM-IV it is an impulse control disorder and the peak ages of onset is between 9 and thirteen.  It is classified by the Office of Rare Diseases as a rare disease.

There are many suspected contributing factors to the onset of this disorder including stress and/or low self-esteem and a fear of socializing.

The side effects of “Trich” can be serious as the hair loss can cause skin damage and in rare instances the consumed hair can form a matted hairball in the digestive tract and cause severe hair loss, vomiting, and intestinal obstruction and in very rare cases can ultimately be fatal.

If hair loss from Trichotillomania is discovered in younger children it is often self-correcting, however in adults it can be more problematic and re occurring and is considered a difficult disease to treat. However, usually Therapy plays a crucial role in successful treatment of this hair loss condition.

Many people dealing with this condition use various head covers  or wide head bands to “cover up” and try and hide their hair loss.  If however you happen to see someone who looks like they may have this socially awkward problem don’t stare as it does not help the person who is battling to overcome this disorder.

(Sources include Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic, WebMd.com)

Hair Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without!


hair accessories you shouldn't leave home without!

You never realize how important they are until you need them. Just like you never pay attention to your toes until you stub them, you don’t appreciate or realize the importance of hair accessories until you’re in a situation where you feel you just can’t live without them.

For example, imagine to yourself a hot summer day you decide to go for a quick swim in the lake nearby.  Enjoying yourself you totally forget your kids finish school in 5 minutes and you must be there on time OR ELSE. You jump out quickly, get dressed and hop into the car. However, your hair is wet and knotty and is starting to get frizzy. Now, who likes frizzy hair?!?!?! Gosh! “If only I would have a little brush or comb in my purse to just give a quick brush and make me feel all better”.

Okay, you might think I’m exaggerating, yes this situation may sound a little interesting but try to think of yourself in any other situation where a brush or a comb would just save the day. Like on a date, PTA, interviews….. It’s not worth taking the chance and not carrying it along with you. It’s light, small and it won’t be a hassle for you to keep it on you for it will just sit in your purse until you need it, and boy will you be glad you did!

Same goes with pony holders and bobby pins. When your pony holder pops and you can’t retie it for the twenty fifth time because it’s too stretched out and your hair is just flying everywhere, you’re at work, a customer is coming and you’ve got to look your best, it’s a pity to take the chance and not carry these things around with you because they are so small, you won’t even notice they’re there until you need them; and trust me you will be forever grateful you did.

Obviously, a rain bonnet is the best thing to have. It’s smaller than an umbrella and does the trick. It’s small, foldable and plastic. It’s worth carrying it around for that one time it rains and you just can’t afford to get your hair all wet.

So be original. Why not just pack yourself a little bag now with all the hair accessories that are basics, that you REALLY might need one day and put it in the corner of your purse so you won’t be too late and have to learn from your mistakes.  Trust me; it’s worth it. It makes life all that much easier and less stressful. Come on, don’t we all dream of a stress free life?! Well, this is your first step to making your dream come true.