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The Hair Accessories You’ll Need This Fall 2014/Winter 2015

Side part with Bobby Pin

Gently brush or comb your hair into the desired position

So we left off last week discussing some of the hairstyles for women and girls for fall 2014/ winter 2015. This week we will see what hair accessories you need to make these styles work!

Lets start with the side part. To get the perfect part, you can use a sectioning comb (rat-tailed comb) to part your hair in the perfect manner. If you don’t have a sectioning comb, any comb should be able to do the trick. Gently brush or comb your hair into the desired position. Using a comb or brush with closely spaced teeth will give the sleekest look. Fasten your hair with two bobby pins crossed in an x shape to hold firmly in place. You can also put in a fashion bobby pin with flowers, pearls or any number of decorations on it, or for small girls, try a flower hair clip for a youthful look!

Another style we mentioned was the classic braid. Braids can be done in either of two ways. You can part the hair into sections and begin braiding right away which gives a more sophisticated look. For a younger look (and an easier method) first gather the hair into a ponytail holder and then divide the hair and start braiding. For young children who have a hard time sitting still, this method is a MUST!!
In addition, braided hair accessories such as braid hair bands and plaited headwraps are another awesome hair accessory to capture the look! Now, even when you are having a rushed morning, you can still look your best!

For the final look of 2013/14 we mentioned the messy pony. If you are trying to achieve this look, you are best off with a hair twister that is not too tight. If you normally use a small pony holder, go with something a roomier that slips a little! Another great option is a scrunchie pony holder. For the cooler weather try something like velour or velvet in a darker color. If your hair is layered, then this hair style will also require some bobby hair pins to keep those wisps off your face!

As a take-off on the messy pony, you can also try a banana clip or jaw clip for the same effect.

Have fun playing with your hairstyles this fall/winter. The options are endless!

Hair Accessory Styles: The Hair Bow Clip

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces!

As you know, hair clips are the perfect hair accessory to keep hair up. Whether you have short bangs that are constantly brushing on your eyes or whether you are looking to keep your kids hair out of their face –  a hair clip will do just the trick! Although hair clips are on the smaller side (which is great because they can fit in any bag or pocket book) don’t under estimate their strength! They are sturdy, comfortable and keep your hair up in a classy and stylish manner. Hair clips were originally created for practical purposes – add a bow however, and you have a fashion accessory!

Hair clip bows first became extremely popular during the Victorian Era (the era of the rule of Queen Victoria: 1837-1901) and during the Edwardian Era (the era of King Edward VII: 1901-1910). During the Victorian Era, women wore more simple bows in black and modest colors. They were generally small and low key. However, in the Edwardian Era, women wore bows of different colors and sizes, some extremely large and flashy. The bows of the Edwardian era were worn mostly by the upper class women and children. Since then, bows have remained a very pretty and popular hair accessory.

What makes the hair bow clip so popular?

The reason is because babies and children generally like to keep their hair out of their face for comfort. Therefore women turn to accessories to hold it out of their face. The reason most people choose hair bows for children is because they are all decorated and cute! Once a child is wearing a clip, it may as well add to their charm and bring out their adorable little faces:) Some mothers even like getting them in many different colors to match all their outfits. Of course, as in most hair accessories, there are so many different styles that hair clip bows can be found in such as striped, polka dot, solid and much more. They come in all different colors such as pastel, neon, bold and dark for every taste and outfit.

So if you still haven’t found the perfect hair accessory to keep your kids hair out of her face (especially in these hot summer days) give the hair bow clip a try- I’m sure you’ll be pleased!!

Wedding Hair Styles: Wearing a Tiara on Your Special Day

. The tiara is most certainly a crucial accessory of the whole “princess for a day” look.

I think that in every girl’s head, when imagining themselves on their wedding day – there is definitely a tiara in the picture along with a long white wedding dress. The tiara is most certainly a crucial accessory of the whole “princess for a day” look. It makes the bride look a step above everyone else and really gives her that royal twist.

The tiara that we know today is nothing close to the tiara from ancient history. Today, the tiara can simply be a flat head band with pearls and rhinestones.  Although they are not crown like, they still provide the sparkle and glow to the bride. In addition, today many brides choose to wear a tiara that’s more royal, one that has actual height like a princess.  The princess is light, comfortable and has a comb so that it can be adjusted perfectly on one’s head. They usually have rhinestones and make the bride stand out.

In the olden days tiaras were a sign of royalty and nobility. The tiaras of some of the Eastern Kings were actually ornate and heavy. However, in more classic and simple times, the nobility often wore a band of cloth around their head and tied in a knot behind as a tiara. Yet, mush richer tiaras had been worn a whole lot earlier by the Egyptians. They were extremely delicate and beautiful. For example, one tiara which belonged to the princess was made of delicate flowers in gold wire set on stones. The Greeks on the other hand made their tiaras out of gold and silver and would wear them on special occasions.

Slowly through history, the tiara evolved into the tiara that we are used to today. Of course, the different styles of tiaras have varied a lot throughout history.  They have ranged from royal crowns and princess tiaras to a modern trend towards side tiaras and asymmetrical designs.

So whether you are wearing your hair up or down don’t leave out a tiara on your special day. Today, they come in hundreds of different styles with a choice of any rhinestone, Swarovski, bead or crystal. A beautifully designed tiara makes a great bridal hair accessory to make a bride look and feel like a princess on her wedding day in addition to making her look extremely elegant and stand out in the crowd in her own special way.

Wig Tips: How to Wash and Set your Wig

wig styling

It’s really not so hard to learn to set and style your own wig!

For those of us who wear wigs, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that going out to get you wig done every few weeks can get expensive. Besides for that, sometimes the hair dresser just doesn’t understand exactly what you want; you don’t like it and your left with that wig to wear every day! Then there are some of us who gave up on the whole wig thing and stuck to head coverings or just stayed away from it in the first place because of the expense of getting it washed and set or the hassle of going to get it done. But hey! We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Why don’t you try washing and setting your wig yourself? You won’t have to pay and you could do it just the way you like it! It’s not as hard as it seems – all you need is a couple of basic wig supplies to get started. Just follow a few simple steps and your wig will be just the way you like it.

There are many different ways to set a wig, we provided you with one of the ways.

  1. Take your wig that has to be washed and brush it. Don’t forget to brush the front exactly how you want it to be parted (front bang, side part, middle part, etc.).
  2. Place and hold your thumb on the front part (middle, side, etc.) and put the rest of your hand inside the cap.
  3. Turn on the sink and using luke warm water, wet the whole wig. Your thumb should stay at the part throughout the whole washing.
  4. Put a little bit of shampoo on your right hand (it doesn’t have to be any specific type or brand of shampoo) and gently apply it to the hair sliding from top to bottom.
  5. Rinse it out under luke warm water. Make sure you get all the shampoo out.
  6. Some people like to add conditioner to give it a smooth feel. If you want to, apply it only to the ends and keep away from the cap and then wash it out.
  7. Take your wig and put it on a towel. Take the towel and close it up to make the wig be inside the towel. Let it dry there for 15 minutes.
  8. Take your wig and with T-pins, place it on a Styrofoam wig head.

Now that it’s washed, you have to set it!

For straight hair, blow dry your hair part by part (to separate the parts you can use a sectioning comb and hold it in place with jaw clips) with a blow dryer and a hot round brush or bobby vent brush. The hot round brush is great for making a bit of waves and volume and the bobby vent is great for a more straight and full look. You can flip the ends in or out or simply leave it fall straight. If you’d like it even straighter, don’t be afraid to iron it a little bit (of course NEVER do this to synthetic wigs and only if the wig is 100% dry!!) Always make sure not to hold the blow dryer to close to the cap as the heat may be too strong for it and could burn it.

For curls, you can either use a blow dryer with a hot round brush or a curling iron. If you use a curling iron don’t let it sit on the hair for too long or it may burn.

For beach waves and the natural look let it sit on the wig head over night to air dry. Then you can blow it a bit or use a wand (similar to a curling iron but much thinner and has no clip to hold the hair in place) to give it some wave and volume.

To touch up a wig or if you prefer not to use hot tools on your wig rollers are the perfect thing! Just take one chunk of hair at a time and with the rollers flip it in the direction you want.

Once your wig is set, you’ll want to keep it in good condition and give it the best care. Checkout our blog on Wig tips: Do’s and Don’ts for every wig.

There, you have it!! This way you can always look good with no hassle and expenses. Best of all, if you get really good you may be the one charging others for it:)

Good Luck!!

Focus on Babies: Cradle Cap

Use baby oil to get rid of cradle cap

Cradle cap looks something like eczema, typically found on a newborn or small baby’s forehead, or top of the head. It is very common and can be dealt with very easily. It is caused by imbalance of the mothers hormones which get passed over to the baby at birth causing over active oil glands. These over active oil glands bring cradle cap – dead skin cells which looks yellowish and similar to dry skin or eczema. Surprisingly though, although it looks painful and itchy, it actually brings no pain or discomfort to the baby. However, instead of just covering it up with a hair accessory for babies such as a baby hat or baby head band, all you need to do is follow some basic steps and before you know it, you’ll forget it was ever there.

Below are the two most popular ways to get rid of cradle cap:

  1. Today, they say this one is an old wives tale and a myth but it works and there’s no reason not to try it. Put baby oil on the cradle cap. Let it sit there for a good three minutes. Once it’s fully soaked into the skin, gently comb it out. You will not be able to take it all out at once but continue doing it every other day before giving them a bath as their hair will be all oily after you do it. Some say that it’s better to use olive oil. Heat up one cup of olive oil on the stove and then apply it like the baby oil.
  2. Brush the baby’s hair from front to back every morning and night for ten strokes each. You will see that some flakes will fall out. When giving a bath, massage the area gently and after bath dry their hair well and brush again.

However, now that you got rid of the cradle cap it doesn’t mean you have to get rid of the baby hat you were putting on your baby to cover it up! Baby hats really add lot and are a great hair accessory for babies.


Natural Remedies for your Hair: Part II


Sounds crazy but before you know it avocado will be the first thing on your food shopping list!

Last week was about the basic and simple natural hair remedies – but this week, I’m sure you will be surprised!

Did you know that….

In addition to head and shoulders dandruff shampoo, Lemon is the number one ingredient for dandruff or flaky hair because the acid in the lemon juice helps clear out your hair from any loose flakes on your scalp. Try mixing two tbsp. of fresh lemon juice with two tbsp. olive oil (to give healthy moisture to the hair once all the flakes are out) and 2 tbsp water and put it in your wet hair. You can then wash it out with warm water. Another great thing Lemons do which is known worldwide is highlights! Take a lemon and squeeze it over your head. Then sit out in the sun – the longer the better!! Don’t forget to wash it out after and see results instantly!

Frizzy hair is my pet peeve. No matter how many creams and oils and techniques I try I just can’t seem to get rid of it. For some reason, I think I’m not the only one with this problem. So I present to you (drum roll…) The Avocado! Sounds crazy but just give it a try and before you know it avocado will be the first thing on your food shopping list! Their combination of oils which are like the natural oils from our skin and their protein make the best cream for taming, settling and smoothing frizzy hair. So go ahead, mash up and avocado and have fun smearing it in your hair! For best results, let it sit there for fifteen minutes before washing it out.

Ever wake up in the morning with oily hair? No time to wash it but it looks horrible and you just can’t find that emergency pre-tied bandana to cover it up? Yes, baby powder should do the trick but it might leave your hair looking a little white. Try Cornstarch by taking one tbsp in your hand and sprinkling it in your hair. Leave it there for ten minutes and then brush it out. Tadam! Your hair is now fresh and clean!

Of course, we saved the best for last! Bet you didn’t know that Beer is the best remedy for volume in your hair!! Beer actually contains yeast and just like the yeast makes dough rise, it makes hair “rise” too! However, it must be mixed with some other ingredients too. Mix half a cup of beer with 1 tsp oil and a raw egg. Pour it into your wet hair. Let it sit for fifteen minutes and wash it out.

Trust me, once you give those a try, these food products will become the first item on your food shopping list! Good Luck!

Natural Remedies for your Hair: Part 1

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

Are you fed up of using hair products that don’t work and cost a fortune?!?! Wish you could just find the right one to miraculously do the trick and keep your hair the way you like it? Well guess what! We’ve got the perfect treatments you can try for your hair. The best part is that you probably have all of them in your kitchen (kitchen?!!?!) already so there’s no need to go out and spend so much money – and of course, best of all, it’s natural!

I donno about you, but when I think of eggs, yogurt and honey I think about sitting down to a late breakfast on a Sunday morning. However, believe it or not, these ingredients, along with many others are the healthiest, most affordable and natural hair products!

I know what you will see below may be hard believe, but you’ve got to trust me on this one because they really work!!

The Egg is actually good for two opposite things. While the yolk which is rich in fat is a moisturizer, the egg whites remove unwanted oils/moisture.  When using it for normal hair (not dry or oily) use the entire egg as a conditioner. For oily hair use the whites only and for dry hair only use the yolk. Make sure to get it on your scalp and hair. Leave it in your hair for a good twenty minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Make sure never to rinse it in hot water as it might cook the egg on your head which will not be very enjoyable!!

Yogurt is great for dull hair. Hot hair tools such as blow dryers and irons along with air pollution have a tendency to take all the moisture out of our hair, take away it’s shine and leave it burnt and crimpy. However, dairy products are the perfect thing for such a situation because Lactic acids take away dirt and milk fat moisturizes it. So take half a cup of regular yogurt and pour it in your wet hair. Let it sit for twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water and shampoo your hair. Another great ingredient for such a situation would be Honey. Honey is full of healthy moisture and would do just the trick for unhealthy, burnt or dry hair. Apply it like yogurt but you might like to add 2 tbsp of olive oil to help it come out easier.

Some think they can just cover up their oily, crimpy or dry hair by just throwing over a head scarf, snood or hair accessory , but that’s wrong. You may and should wear all of those but before you do so just make sure to fix the “root” of the problem.

We’d love to hear your comments to – let us know which hair remedies work for you!

Follow up with our blog next week for shockers on natural hair remedies I bet you NEVER heard of!!