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Winter Head Scarves – Layer it Up!

headscarf-cotton-square-pileSome women just love their headscarves that they want to wear them all year round!

It may be that patterned head scarf that goes so well with your eyes, or that sentimental gift you received. Whatever the case, just because the weather’s turned cooler doesn’t mean you cant wear it anymore. You just need to know how to winterize your current headcovers.

One option is to bundle up under the headcover. 100% cotton undercovers make great scarf liners that will keep the heat in and yet still allow the scalp to breath. They are available in lots of classic colors so you can find one that suits your needs.

Another option is to layer different headscarves. You can layer with a solid colored complimentary or contrasting scarf, or if you feel really daring, you can go wild with different prints. Simply put the 2 scarves on your head together as you would regularly tie one. Leave a 1-2 inch space in the front so the bottom layer peeks through. If you leave the tails hanging, this has a really nice fuller effect. or you can twist the ties into each other and then twist them around the back or top as you prefer.

And as the weather gets even colder, you always have the option of adding a 3rd scarf to the mix.

So have fun and get creative as you layer your head coverings this winter.

Headwraps to Beat the Heat

HeadwrapThis past weekend was really hot. Like not just the hottest days of the year, but the hottest days in many years. I didn’t want to leave my air conditioned house. But I wasn’t going to let the heat intimidate me; I had errands to run, shopping to do. But I knew that it was going to be tough to look fresh. So when I went out, rather than show my humidity-suffering hair to the world, I wore a head scarf.

It was nice because I felt like I wasn’t trying to impress anyone with my do, and I looked good all the same. Head scarfs do a great job of soaking sweat and keeping you cool because they block the sun from hitting you. That’s why people wear headwraps in the desert. I didn’t even wear sunscreen. And I made a fashion statement about dealing with the heat.

It’s interesting that headwraps are so multi-functional. You can just as easily wear them to protect your head from the cold as you can the heat. And they’re great for dealing with your hair when you don’t want to deal with your hair. So the next time it’s a hundred degrees plus, think about a head scarf and your problems will be solved.