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Soft Pre-tied Headwraps: Different Ways They Can Be Worn

Soft wide headbands are rapidly making it to one of the hottest and most popular hair accessories!

Soft wide headbands are rapidly making it to one of the hottest and most popular hair accessories. There are many reasons why head wraps are so well liked but, I think it is safe to say that the most common reason is because people feel that by buying only one head wrap they are actually getting much more. Soft wide head wraps have many different purposes and ways to be worn. Not only are they cost efficient but they are also really comfortable and pretty. Below are a few different ways a soft wide head wrap can be worn.

1. Partial Head Cover:

Women with a mild case of alopecia or hair loss that have thin hair or bald spots in the front of their head wear a soft wide headband to cover up the spots without hair. Soft wide headbands worn as a half covering allows them to wear the rest of their hair down without having to fully cover it. In addition, they are comfortable, stylish and easy to put on.

2. Wigs:

Soft wide headbands are also great for women who wear wigs and want to make it look more natural. In addition, some women wear a fall. A fall is a wig that doesn’t have hair in the front of the wig; the hair starts further back on the cap in order to make it more lightweight and comfortable. These wigs are meant to be worn with something on top such as a beret, hat or soft wide headband.

3. Thin Headband:

A soft wide headband can also be worn as a thin headband. Either, you can fold it in half for a neat and put together look, or you can put it on regular and gently crunch it up towards the front of your head. Using a soft wide head band as a thin headband is great since it is original, different and really comfortable!

4. Fashion Headscarf:

Another great way to wear a soft wide head band is like a fashion head scarf tied around the top of your head. It’s a perfect summer head scarf for camping, outings and outdoor activities.

Of course, soft wide head bands are mostly worn to keep ones hair out of ones face. They are great for cooking, cleaning, gardening and any other time you want your hair out of your face. They are the best way to go since they are light, comfortable and most importantly- stylish!

Like I said, soft wide headbands for women are cost efficient, comfortable stylish and oh so practical! Feel free to leave a comment about another way it can be worn- I’m sure there are plenty we didn’t mention that you know about!

Spring Fashion 2013: All About Style

When it comes to prints, can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with flowers!

Every season brings along a new set of rules, colors and styles. Last week we discussed that this spring, neon, pastel and bright hair accessories are in style.

The big question is how should these colors be worn and what prints and designs are in?

When it comes to prints, can’t think of a better way to welcome spring than with flowers! One of the hottest prints this season is floral. Depending on your taste and style you can go with bold and bright colors to brighten up an outfit for your floral design or, for a soft and simple look you can go for something more fresh and pastel; either one give a vibrant, fresh and summery look.

Of course, embracing the true spirit of spring, solid brights are just the thing. If you like to wear bold accessories that stand out and make a statement, just wear a solid bright neon accessory. Look for coral berets, aqua head wraps, neon green pre-tied bandanas and tangerine headbands. If you’d like to give it a twist and mix lots of bright accessories together, don’t be afraid to go for tye dye! Don’t forget to choose your accessories according to what your wearing; you don’t want to overdo it and end up looking like a clown.

For a dressy and classy style- the “black and white” look is back and better than ever! It’s everywhere in many different patterns such as checkered, striped, plaid, polka dots, etc. What can I say? What goes around comes around! This “back in style look” is sharp and eye catching due to the contrast between black and white.

Now that you know all this seasons styles and trends- knock yourself out and shop online for the style and colors that suit your taste.

Focus on Headwraps: The Tignon

Tignon Head Wrap

Tignon Head Wrap

In our last blogpost about head wraps, we related the story behind the African American Headwrap. We related how African American women took what was supposed to be a badge of dishonor, and turned it into a “badge of courage”. Well, if in the last blogpost we told you the end of the story, now we are going to go back in time and lay the groundwork for the Origins of the African American Headwrap.

In the 1700’s there were not many European women in New Orleans. As a result, many European men began to “marry” colored slave women. The prevalent custom was to free the children that resulted from these relationships. In addition to that, the custom was to free enslaved workers who excelled at their work. Gradually, this resulted in a growing population of free colored people. By the time of the Louisiana purchase in 1803 it is estimated that around 20% of the population of New Orleans were free Blacks. Well, the increasing assertiveness of the population of free blacks worried the then Spanish Governor of New Orleans, so in 1785 Governor Esteban Rodriguez Miro decreed that all colored women must wear “knotted headdresses”, the “Tignon”. However, as we related in our last post, colored woman defied the intention of the law and found ways to decorate their headscarves and turn them around into a fashion statement. In fact, many slave women wore scarves of such distinctive colors that a woman writing in 1863 to describe the colors of the scarves of the black woman on her plantation wrote that they “put one eyes out from a mile off”. And yes, the head scarf has endured and become a vibrant part of womens dress in the USA.

By: B. Levi