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Cover Your Head with Comfort and Style!

Always wished to wear a beautiful hat but not enough coverage for you? Try adding an Israeli tichel!

Here’s how, first you need to choose a tichel that you would like to wear.  Best to use a soft cotton one for added comfort. Then, tie it how you’d wear it.

Next, put the hat you want to wear on top of the headscarf and you are simply transformed into a new look.

You can use different tichels and different hats for all types of occasions and to match assorted outfits, the beach, party or every day!

Look great. Feel great. You are great!

How To Tie A Tichel – Center Turban Twist Style

1. In our demonstration, we did not use anything to stuff up the back of the head. If you are experiencing hair loss, there is no need to wear anything underneath and if you have long hair just make sure it is in a tight bun or under a fitted snood.

2. When tying our headscarf in a “center turban twist style” we experimented with our Oblong Israeli Tichel with Lurex in wine. However, you may use any long oblong headscarf of your choice.

3. Start by placing your oblong headscarf centered on your head. Then, take both ends of the scarf and make a knot at the front/ top of your head (as oppose to most other styles where you make a knot at the back of your neck).

4. Now, take both ends of the knot and hold them tightly together. Gently and firmly twist them together to form a long twisted pony.

5. Take the long twisted pony and wrap it around and around in a circle to form a turban twist at the top of your head.

Good luck tying!! Click here for more exciting and practical ways to tie a tichel!

How to tie a tichel- Beehive style

make a tie or a knot at the back of your neck

gently cross one side of the head scarf over your head to the other side

Beehive style










The “Beehive style” is an original and different way to tie a tichel. It is stylish, classy, dressy and whatever else you want it to be! It is lightweight and comfortable which makes it a great style for the spring or summer and brings tying headscarves to a different level. Women with hair loss or thin hair especially like this style due to the added height this style provides.

1. In our demonstration, we put on a hidden height undercover to provide the height necessary. However, it can also be achieved by just putting your hair up in a high pony or bun and cover it with a snood.

2. When tying our headscarf beehive style, we experimented with our  Striped Head Scarf with Gold Lurex. However, you may use any long oblong headscarf. Start by placing your oblong rectangular headscarf centered on your head. Then take both sides of the headscarf and gently make a tie or knot in the back of your head.

3. Now, take the tail hanging on the left side of your head and cross it over to the other side. Don’t forget to cross it in a layered manner to give it the beehive took that you are looking for.

4. Do the same with the other side. By now you will have 2 loose ends on either side so just tuck them in to your snood or hidden height undercover for a neat and put together look and comfort.

Good luck tying! Click here for more practical, exciting and easy ways to tie a tichel!


Hidden HEIGHT on MyHeadcoverings.com

People undergoing hair loss often complain that even if their head scarf is attractive it is still missing the “look” that a headscarf gives off on someone who has hair because it simply looks flat on the head. Incidentally, this problem is not unique to people with hair loss; women with very thin hair also complain about this. Until now, our main solution for women with this issue who still wished to wear headscarves (which are the lightest headcovering) was either to direct them to out Pre-tied Bandanas with Height section or to send them to our Tichel tying guide to show them some ways to tie their headscarf that would show some height in the front. Well, now we are pleased to offer a new product online that may solve this problem once and for all. The Hidden HEIGHT Undercover. Basically, it’s a light cotton cap with a feather light cushion insert that is worn as an undercover with any headscarf. It’s so light and comfortable that you’ll barely notice that it’s there. At the same time, it adds the “Height” that you are looking for. We must say, at first we brought in a small sampling of these “Hidden HEIGHT Undercovers” to test them out. They sold so quickly and the reviews back were really positive, women simply loved it. So we decided to bring in a larger quantity. Try it out you’ll be amazed at the results.

Very Multi-Functional Head Scarves!

Head Scarves

Head Scarves

My headscarf doubled as a pot holder today. No, not the one on my head… The one my toddler pulled out of the headscarves drawer!

Did you know that head scarves are multi functional? I didn’t either – that is till I had kids. Kids find the most unique uses for the most ordinary objects. Apparently my pot holder ended up serving some more IMPORTANT use in the playroom, (where I found it  later in the evening) so the head scarf that was doubling as a doll blanket served the purpose of pot holder as well.

All kidding aside, headscarves and Tichels can be used for a variety of uses for adults as well. A Tichel can accessorize an outfit when tied as a neck scarf, shawl or belt. Take it along on an outing where it can serve as a makeshift table cloth. Or even around the house it can serve the purpose of temporary curtains, or an accent table runner for a party.

So next time you see a head scarf in a pattern that catches your fancy, think of all the wonderful ways you can use it, and if all else fails…give it to the kids!

How To Tie A Tichel – Butterfly Style

The “butterfly” tie a great and original way to tie a headscarf. It’s light weight and very comfortable to wear. It gives a great spring or summery look and brings tying headscarves to a different level. It’s a style using two head scarves to create one custom head covering giving it a more fashionable look.

1.    When tying our headscarf butterfly style we experimented using a fringed headscarf over a simple, not fringed head scarf. Our model is wearing the Israeli Tichel with Flower Design in peach as the head scarf on the bottom.  Take your square headscarf and fold it into a triangle. Gently put it over your head. You should have a tail hanging on either side of your head and a tail hanging down by your neck.

2.    Our model is wearing the Basic Israeli Tichel with Lurex and Fringes in white as the second head scarf. Take your square headscarf and fold it into a triangle. Gently put it over your head the same way as the first one however, place it about one inch further back than the first scarf.

3.    Now, take the one inch part from the first headscarf that is sticking out and slowly and carefully fold it over the second head scarf forming a band with height.

4.    Finally, take all four tails (two from each side) and tie them tightly in the back of your neck to ensure your head scarf is strong and secure.

Head Scarves and Spring Cleaning!

HeadscarfThe month of March brings back memories of 3rd grade when my teacher taught us “March comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb.” I find warmth in the cold beginnings of March knowing that spring is just around the corner. And once spring arrives, all I want to do is just get out of the house and revel in the delicious spring weather. But there’s work for me at home, too. Being cooped up all winter has taken its toll on the house. The window need to be washed, the curtains and comforters aired and the dust attacked. Time to roll up my sleeves, turn on the music, get out the cleansers and scrub!

So first thing I’ll do is tie up my hair and reach for my favorite head covering. I hate the feeling of sticky hair on my neck, and trust me, we’re gonna be workin up a sweat. My favorite head covering is a pre-tied bandana headscarf made of cotton fabric. It is stretchy, breathable, keeps the hair away from my neck and is a fabulous floral print – just what I feel like wearing in this spring cleaning season!

I like to clean with natural ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice I definitely want to keep outta my hair – I’m just fine with the color, thank you… And vinegar – I don’t even want to think about what would happen if that got in my hair! Plus, when I’m dusting where do you think most of the dust ends up? On me…Thank you pre-tied bandana!

Like I mentioned earlier, I do work up a sweat cleaning away on those beautiful first days of spring so I have other replacement head covers to change into when the need arises. There is my comfy cotton beret, cotton paisley headscarves and other assorted hats and caps I’ve picked up over the years. So this spring when you reach for the cleansers, take my advice and reach for a head scarf as well!