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The Hat Museum

SG: Beach Hat with Flower

The largest selection of hats in the world at The Hat Museum

Well you love wearing a Hat and your wardrobe contains all sorts of hats. Wide brimmed straw hats for sunny days, a warm cloche to keep warm in the winter, and even a Fedora for a touch of style. But you wonder where you could find out some more information about hats.

 Where can you find out a whole lot more about hats? Their History? The different types of womens Hats? In short all about them.

Well it so happens that in the USA there is a great place tofind out all about hats and it’s appropriately called

 Hat museum. Where is it? Well in Portland, Oregon there’s a neighborhood called

Ladd’s Addition. This neighborhood was developed by a buisnessman by the name of William S. Ladd. The actual construction was roughly between the years of 1905 and 1930. Ladds’s Addition has a bunch of interesting things. Amongst them are four parks situated at the four points of the compass and the the largest stand of elms in Portland. Most interesting is the fact that this neighborhood boasts of 122 houses that are considered of Primary Historical Significance. Yup 122 of them. One of these is the Ladd-Reingold House which is the current of the Hat Museam. The name Reingold is after Miss. Rebecca Reingold who was a milliner in Russia and moved into the house in the early 1900’s. The house’s current owner is Alyce Cornyn-Selby who beleive it or not is actually a Hat Lover herself! The Museam claims to have over 1000 different hats in stock including a Straw London Top Hat, a Thanksgiving table hat that sings and more hats from around the world. The Museam bills itself as one of Portlands “quirkiest attractions”. So if you’re in Portland stop by, check it out and tell us if it’s really true that they have more types of womens hats then we sell on Myheadcoverings.com.(sources include reelscout, the Hat Museam website, Rose City Roamers)

 By B.Levi

The Largest Cap Collection in The World!

womens hats

The largest selection of hats in the world!

Have you ever wondered where you could find the biggest,most varied, and most interesting collection of  (I guess they go hand in hand)  of men and womens Hats?

The answer is, drumroll please, Alaska! To be more exact it’s in Tustumena Lodge, Alaska in the former Kasilof’s Bar Cap Collection.

The Anchorage Daily News ran a story about the record setting cap collection that at the time numbered 22,014 hats and caps. Yup, we also think that’s a pretty big collection. At the time the bar was owned by John and Suzie Cook. The collection started in 1991 when a friend died and left them with 135 hats which is a lot for most people but it seems wasn’t enough for them. So they hung them on the lodge’s center beam and the collection just kept growing. One of John Cooks favorite hats in his collection was a Chinese pith helmet made of tightly woven grass fibers. Well at MyHeadcoverings.com if you want a chinese pith helmet I’m afraid we can’t help you but if you want a more typical bucket hat, straw hat, or a cloche, well then you’ve come to the right place!

(Sources include The Augusta Chronicle and The Anchorage Daily News)

By B. Levi

The Hat Act of 1732


The Hat Act of 1732

The Hat Act of 1732 and the effect on Womens Headcoverings

What was the Hat Act?

Everyone knows about the Boston Tea Party, and the crucial role the colonists’ protest against the taxes England wanted to place on tea imports played in sparking The American Revolution.

However did you know that headcovers also played a major role?

Before the American Revolution the English Government enacted a policy
called Mercantilism in respect to the American colonies. The purpose of this policy was to ensure that all raw products from the American Colonies would be shipped to England to be turned into finished products and then shipped back to the American Colonies.

At that time in history  everyone wore hats women, men, children – just about everyone – and a major source of the material used to produce these hats was beaver pelts from the American Colonies. In fact in 1631 over 12,000 pounds of beaver pelts were shipped from the American Colonies back to England!

So you can understand that as soon as a  “homemade” hat industry began to flourish in the American Colonies the folks back in England got worried and decided to do all they could to protect their “hat making industry”.

The Result?

The infamous 1732 Hat Act which placed a number of restrictions on American Hatmakers. These included  limiting the number of workers they could employ, the number of apprentices they could have. The intention of all this was to drive up the cost of making a hat in the colonies thereby ensuring the continued dominance of the English made hat.

The Hat Act of 1732 became known historically as one of the laws that restricted commerce in the Colonies leading to the growing divide between the Colonies and England which eventually led to the American Revolution.

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( Sources include Wikipedia, encyclopedia Britannica, Colonial America.info, American Revolution.org)

By: B. Levi

Hats, Hats, Everywhere…Even in our Speech!

womens hats

Womens Hats have somehow made it into our everyday language!

Hats have been around for ages and have touched all segments of society. The popularity of hats have led to an amazing amount of expressions that include the word. So to demonstrate we’ve put together a compostion centered around the word hat.Have you ever heard of edible head coverings?! Well if you have, “I’ll eat my hat”. Actually, I think I can think of some “at the drop of a hat”. How about the Hamantaschen? If you haven’t yet tasted this triangular filled cookie – you’ve been missing out. It’s a delicious cookie or pastry filled with any filling of your choice. The most typical ones are either chocolate or jelly, yet there are plenty more flavors that people have enjoyed tasting including vanilla flavored one’s. The best part is some say this cookie is in the shape of a hat in remembrance to what the evil Haman wore. Now, I’m sure I can come up with another one or two but “I’ll keep those under my hat” and see what you can come up with! Gosh, I’m totally “talking through my hat”, I can’t think of any other edible hat although I could probably use my imagination and make some up if I had too. However, I’ll start to “pass the hat around” and collect some of your ideas; a penny for your thoughts! Now, don’t “throw your hat” at it just yet, give it a try and find the originality that lies within you! Alright, it doesn’t have to be the most brilliant idea or invention; it can be an “old hat” if that’s the only thing you can come up with. So, if your one of those that will give it a try “Hats off to you!!!”

It’s amazing how the word “HAT” made it into our vocabulary even when we’re talking nothing regarding a head covering or even the human body! The only reason I can come up with is because hats are so comfortable to wear that we feel  comfortable just saying it whenever, however and to whoever! Plus there is a hat for every occasion, just think of womens hats, fedoras, caps, chaponnes, cloche’s or more. Obviously that is not the reason but I’m sure there’s a reason I just don’t know! Alright, you’re probably  on the edge of your seat to know what all those sayings on the first paragraph mean, so let me get to the point.

– I’ll eat my hat : I will be greatly surprised if (something that proves me wrong) happens

– At the drop of a hat : without hesitation or delay

– Keep (something) under one’s hat : to keep (something) a secret

– Talk through one’s hat : a. to talk foolishly b. to deceive, bluff or lie

– Pass the hat round : to collect something (usually money)

– Throw one’s hat : to give up

– Old hat : something stale, lame or old-fashioned

– Take off one’s hat : to admire or congratulate

– My hat: a. my word b. nonsense

– Out of a hat: a. by magic b. at random

Head Scarves and Spring Cleaning!

HeadscarfThe month of March brings back memories of 3rd grade when my teacher taught us “March comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb.” I find warmth in the cold beginnings of March knowing that spring is just around the corner. And once spring arrives, all I want to do is just get out of the house and revel in the delicious spring weather. But there’s work for me at home, too. Being cooped up all winter has taken its toll on the house. The window need to be washed, the curtains and comforters aired and the dust attacked. Time to roll up my sleeves, turn on the music, get out the cleansers and scrub!

So first thing I’ll do is tie up my hair and reach for my favorite head covering. I hate the feeling of sticky hair on my neck, and trust me, we’re gonna be workin up a sweat. My favorite head covering is a pre-tied bandana headscarf made of cotton fabric. It is stretchy, breathable, keeps the hair away from my neck and is a fabulous floral print – just what I feel like wearing in this spring cleaning season!

I like to clean with natural ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice I definitely want to keep outta my hair – I’m just fine with the color, thank you… And vinegar – I don’t even want to think about what would happen if that got in my hair! Plus, when I’m dusting where do you think most of the dust ends up? On me…Thank you pre-tied bandana!

Like I mentioned earlier, I do work up a sweat cleaning away on those beautiful first days of spring so I have other replacement head covers to change into when the need arises. There is my comfy cotton beret, cotton paisley headscarves and other assorted hats and caps I’ve picked up over the years. So this spring when you reach for the cleansers, take my advice and reach for a head scarf as well!

The Head Covering Wardrobe Part III: Crochet Snoods – More Than You Think.

Why devote a whole post to Crochet Snoods?

Well, these hair snoods  are the most misunderstood items in the wardrobe of  women’s headcovering’s.

What are some of the common misconceptions out there about snoods?

First off many women are under the impression that a crochet snood’s are all one and the same, there are just  not that many choices out there.

Big misconception.

The wide range of patterns and styles that are available in crochet snoods is in unbelievable.

Of course there are the basics in the crochet snood department, what we call “the bread and butter of crochet snoods” which is really the basic classic crochet which is really a great full coverage covering and can be worn for either casual or formal wear.

A “newer” style  crochet snood which has quickly become one of the hottest selling crochets  ( our last shipment sold out in under a month!) Is the Pearl Crochet Snood, the textured ribbon like weave with a slight sheen gives this snood a more sporty and younger look which has made it a really popular crochet.

If ypou want to go really trendy, theres the Chenille crochet snood. This snood is available in tons of colors  and is as “in” a womens haircovering as it gets!

I think we’ve dispelled the notion that there is a lack of variety in the “crochet snood’ department so now let’s move on to…..

Misconception #2

“Crochet Snoods have no life, no real color”

Nothing can be further from the truth then this wide spread  misconception. Aside from the wide range of colors that Crochets are available from Baby Blue to Maroon to Black there are a range of Crochet Snoods that are made in a number of unique and lively Designs.

Another example of a really unique snood with personality is  the Beaded Crochet Snood this crochet is currently  available in three colors Black, Brown, and Grey. The beads turn this basic crochet snood into a really fun and unique headcovering!

Okay I think we cleared up a couple of the basic misconceptions so take another look maybe you’ll fall in love with  crochet snoods!