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Have You Tried a Pre-tied Bandana Yet? Check Out One Of The Hottest Head Coverings On The Market!

Pre-tied bandanas are rapidly making it as one of the hottest and most liked head coverings everywhere.  For those of you who don’t know what a pre-tied bandana is, it’s basically a pre-tied headscarf. Instead of buying a head scarf and tying it yourself, simply buy a ready made, pre-tied bandana in the color and pattern you like and slip it on! It is pre sewn with an elastic in the back to hold it securely at the neck. In addition, they are made of comfortable materials such as cotton, lycra, velour and terry for different needs and seasons. A pre-tied bandana can be worn in many ways which makes it a fun head covering!

Below are a few different ways to wear a pre-tied bandana.

1. Wear a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering. Take your pre-tied bandana, put it on your forehead and pull it back till about half way down your head. The rest of your hair should be sticking out. Wearing a pre-tied bandana as a partial head covering is great for those with thin hair, bald spots and those who are starting to lose their hair.

2. Wear it as a full head covering. Slip it on and tuck all your hair under the elastic by the neck. Simple as that! You should have two tails, one hanging down on either side of your head. If you’d like you can leave them hanging or you can make a knot so they should be short and out of your way. It makes a great head covering for those who cover all their hair for religious purposes or those with partial or full hair loss.

3. Try tying your pre-tied head scarf into a bun style! For this style, you will need to buy a pre-tied bandana with long tails (around 10-14 inches) to make it work. Those with hair loss can or a short hair cut can use a Hidden HEIGHT cotton undercover to achieve the same look. Put your hair into a bun and then put on your pre-tied. Then, simply take one of the tails, twist it, and wrap it tightly around the top of the bun. Tuck the excess fabric of the tail under the twist once you have gone fully around one time.  Do the same with the other tail and you’re all done! One more tip: add a scrunchie pony holder to your bun to increase the volume if you have thin or short hair.

These are just a few basic ideas but there are so many more out there to experiment – be original!  Once you get used to wearing a pre-tied bandana you’ll start wondering how you ever lived without one!

Check Out Fall 2013 Stylish Colors and Trends!

It seems as though the colors that are in actually are the colors of the leaves on the trees in the Fall.

It seems as though the colors that are in actually are the colors of the leaves on the trees in the Fall.

Now that we can finally see a glimmer of Fall in the distance- let’s talk style! When it comes to keeping up with trends, styles and fashion for every season, one of the easiest and most affordable ways to give your simple wardrobe a boost is by adding a hair accessory or head covering in a trendy print or color. Below we rounded up for you some of the most stylish colors  this season.

As opposed to this summer  when bright neon colors and pastel colors were in style, this season we find ourselves with darker colors such as moss green, rust, burnt orange or any other color of that sort. It seems as though the colors that are “in” actually are the colors of the leaves on the trees in the Fall.

For example, although Emerald is still not out of style this season, the new shade of green this season is definitely the Moss Green, which is in between an earthy olive and dark grey- a fresh and autumn color. What’s great about these dark colors is that they can be paired up with any other colors such as black, grey, denim, and much more! These colors give a sharp look and give a taste of Autumn.

Another stylish color this season is White. Winter white gives a very fresh and cool look in the Fall. It makes you stand out and brings out the color from your face after a hot and sunny summer. Try wearing a fresh white pre-tied bandana or putting a cute white hair bow on your little one this season for a fresh Fall look.

Hope all this information was helpful to all you fashion lovers – so give these colors a try and stay tuned to next week when we will talk about the different prints that are in style this season!

Head Scarves and Spring Cleaning!

HeadscarfThe month of March brings back memories of 3rd grade when my teacher taught us “March comes in like a Lion and leaves like a Lamb.” I find warmth in the cold beginnings of March knowing that spring is just around the corner. And once spring arrives, all I want to do is just get out of the house and revel in the delicious spring weather. But there’s work for me at home, too. Being cooped up all winter has taken its toll on the house. The window need to be washed, the curtains and comforters aired and the dust attacked. Time to roll up my sleeves, turn on the music, get out the cleansers and scrub!

So first thing I’ll do is tie up my hair and reach for my favorite head covering. I hate the feeling of sticky hair on my neck, and trust me, we’re gonna be workin up a sweat. My favorite head covering is a pre-tied bandana headscarf made of cotton fabric. It is stretchy, breathable, keeps the hair away from my neck and is a fabulous floral print – just what I feel like wearing in this spring cleaning season!

I like to clean with natural ingredients like lemon juice or vinegar. Lemon juice I definitely want to keep outta my hair – I’m just fine with the color, thank you… And vinegar – I don’t even want to think about what would happen if that got in my hair! Plus, when I’m dusting where do you think most of the dust ends up? On me…Thank you pre-tied bandana!

Like I mentioned earlier, I do work up a sweat cleaning away on those beautiful first days of spring so I have other replacement head covers to change into when the need arises. There is my comfy cotton beret, cotton paisley headscarves and other assorted hats and caps I’ve picked up over the years. So this spring when you reach for the cleansers, take my advice and reach for a head scarf as well!

It’s about Pre-tieds

Pre-tied Bandanas are a relatively new Head Covering but have quickly become one of the most popular of all Womens Headcoverings.

Pre-tied Bandana


Well there are a number of reasons.

First off, there’s the ease of use.

For many people used to wearing bandanas or Israeli tichels Pre-tied Bandanas are a life changing experience – you just put it on and go, no tying necessary!

Then there are the multiple styles you can use it for.

What do I mean?

Well, even though the essential Pre-tied Bandana remains the same no matter what, which is basically a cloth head covering gathered in the back with an elastic and two tails hanging down, the usage can vary.

You can wear it simply as a “Pre-tied Bandana style” which is the most common. Then there is the increasingly popular “tails tucked under”. Then of course there is the Bandana style. And last but not least is the Israeli Tichel style.

So there you have it: One head covering that can be worn in 4 different ways! How’s that for versatility?

Another popular aspect of Pre-tied Bandanas is the many different fashion styles they come in.

For those that enjoy a unique piece that matches their outfit, the wide variety of looks and colors in the Print Pre-tied department are unparalleled in womens headcverings. You can really find a color and Pattern that matches any outfit you have!

Then for those that want something a little more elegant for Shabbos or special occasions you have the Applique Pre-tied department which features such stunning pieces as DaCee’s Royal Stone Pre-tied.

Want to know another contributor to the popularity of the Pre-tied Bandana?

It’s all in the fabric!

For a hot summer day there’s nothing like a cool cotton Pre-tied bandana and for a cold winter day The velour (also known as velvet) Pre-tied is really cozy!

What about after the shower or around the pool? Well there’s the terry Pre-tied bandana’s for that which are way easier to use then a towel wrapped around your head!

Well I think we’ve demonstrated some of the benefits of the Pre-tied Bandanas, So let’s end off with a tip.

If your Pre-tied is a drop to large and slipping off your head then simply tie the tails in the back till it reaches the desired comfort, it’s as easy as that!