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How To Tie A Tichel – Butterfly Style

The “butterfly” tie a great and original way to tie a headscarf. It’s light weight and very comfortable to wear. It gives a great spring or summery look and brings tying headscarves to a different level. It’s a style using two head scarves to create one custom head covering giving it a more fashionable look.

1.    When tying our headscarf butterfly style we experimented using a fringed headscarf over a simple, not fringed head scarf. Our model is wearing the Israeli Tichel with Flower Design in peach as the head scarf on the bottom.  Take your square headscarf and fold it into a triangle. Gently put it over your head. You should have a tail hanging on either side of your head and a tail hanging down by your neck.

2.    Our model is wearing the Basic Israeli Tichel with Lurex and Fringes in white as the second head scarf. Take your square headscarf and fold it into a triangle. Gently put it over your head the same way as the first one however, place it about one inch further back than the first scarf.

3.    Now, take the one inch part from the first headscarf that is sticking out and slowly and carefully fold it over the second head scarf forming a band with height.

4.    Finally, take all four tails (two from each side) and tie them tightly in the back of your neck to ensure your head scarf is strong and secure.

It’s about Pre-tieds

Pre-tied Bandanas are a relatively new Head Covering but have quickly become one of the most popular of all Womens Headcoverings.

Pre-tied Bandana


Well there are a number of reasons.

First off, there’s the ease of use.

For many people used to wearing bandanas or Israeli tichels Pre-tied Bandanas are a life changing experience – you just put it on and go, no tying necessary!

Then there are the multiple styles you can use it for.

What do I mean?

Well, even though the essential Pre-tied Bandana remains the same no matter what, which is basically a cloth head covering gathered in the back with an elastic and two tails hanging down, the usage can vary.

You can wear it simply as a “Pre-tied Bandana style” which is the most common. Then there is the increasingly popular “tails tucked under”. Then of course there is the Bandana style. And last but not least is the Israeli Tichel style.

So there you have it: One head covering that can be worn in 4 different ways! How’s that for versatility?

Another popular aspect of Pre-tied Bandanas is the many different fashion styles they come in.

For those that enjoy a unique piece that matches their outfit, the wide variety of looks and colors in the Print Pre-tied department are unparalleled in womens headcverings. You can really find a color and Pattern that matches any outfit you have!

Then for those that want something a little more elegant for Shabbos or special occasions you have the Applique Pre-tied department which features such stunning pieces as DaCee’s Royal Stone Pre-tied.

Want to know another contributor to the popularity of the Pre-tied Bandana?

It’s all in the fabric!

For a hot summer day there’s nothing like a cool cotton Pre-tied bandana and for a cold winter day The velour (also known as velvet) Pre-tied is really cozy!

What about after the shower or around the pool? Well there’s the terry Pre-tied bandana’s for that which are way easier to use then a towel wrapped around your head!

Well I think we’ve demonstrated some of the benefits of the Pre-tied Bandanas, So let’s end off with a tip.

If your Pre-tied is a drop to large and slipping off your head then simply tie the tails in the back till it reaches the desired comfort, it’s as easy as that!