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It’s so important to keep your head protected from the sun

pretied visor capSummer is heating up. If you have a sensitive scalp, now is the time to start preparing for the hot rays of summer sun that can be brutal to a sensitive skin. You’ll need to keep covered all summer whenever you go out – but not to fear, there is such a variety of head coverings available for the summer that you will never get bored.

Sun hats come in lots of fun styles. Wide brim will give you the best coverage for your face and neck as well, but they can feel a little bulky and block your range of vision.

I love pretied headscarves for their ease of use all year, and come summer, this prettied headscarf with the sun visor makes a great all around headcover! It is made of soft cotton that feels great. And with lots of colors to choose from, you can always look put together. Its great for gardening, biking and enjoying all your regular outside activities.

Caps are another obvious choice which protect your scalp and face. The lighter color the cap, the cooler you will feel. Also be sure to look for natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose, linen, and straw for maximum breathability.

Have fun this summer and keep protected when you go out. There is nothing more important than keeping healthy…

Wear a Headcover to Keep you Warm this Winter

keep warm image

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter.

Let’s face it. The cold weather is here. And as much as we try to stay warm and cozy in our heated homes and cars, there is the inevitable going outside and bracing ourselves for that rush of cold air.

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter. Try a warm winter cap and your feelings about the winter will definately change. You may find that you even start loving that morning chill!


Many women find berets extremely comfortable for winter. In addition to being a stylish headcover, slouchy berets can keep your warm. And if it gets really cold, you can pull the beret over your ears and stay nice and toasty!


For those of you who wear a pretied headscarf, a velour pretied bandana is a great option for the colder weather. The soft fabric looks great and this is an ideal headcover for indoors and out.


So no matter if you chose a pretied bandanna, a thicker headscarf,  a warm hat or knit beret, keeping your head covered will definitely keep you warm!

Blog Contest Winning Entry: Bikers & Bandanas

biker hat

Biker hat or black pr-tied bandana?

MyHeadcoverings.com recently ran a contest where we asked for your headcovering story. Of all the entries we received, we selected this humor article by Ellen J. as the winning entry. Ellen won $50 to spend on MyHeadcoverings.com. We hope you enjoy Ellen’s story as much as we did!

A special thank you to all our customers who sent in articles!


I tend to favor more feminine head covers with colors or
patterns. However, one night I wasn’t feeling very well at all. I was
suffering from morning sickness, but my husband was working late and I
needed to go to the store. I was just starting to outgrow my clothes,
so I layered a sweatshirt, jeans that were too big, and a black
pre-tried bandana. I did not care at all what I looked like and
apparently, what I looked like was a tall, male biker. One of the things
I needed was salt for our water softener. Since it was too heavy for me
to lift,  I did what I always do and asked the cashier to have someone
help me load it in my car. When I pulled my car up to the pile of salt
outside, I was greeted by two men who immediately started laughing.
“Dude!” they exclaimed, “Does you girlfriend know you’re such a wimp
that you can’t load your own salt?” They were just kidding, but I was
extremely embarrassed and my reaction was to pitch my voice as high as
it could go and say my husband usually loaded the salt for me. It
sounded like a bad Marilyn Monroe impression. The two were horribly
embarrassed and apologized, but the minute I got home I got rid of my
black pre-tied bandana and now when I dress down I always put on loud,
flower-covered head covers, the more obnoxious the better!