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The Hat Museum

SG: Beach Hat with Flower

The largest selection of hats in the world at The Hat Museum

Well you love wearing a Hat and your wardrobe contains all sorts of hats. Wide brimmed straw hats for sunny days, a warm cloche to keep warm in the winter, and even a Fedora for a touch of style. But you wonder where you could find out some more information about hats.

 Where can you find out a whole lot more about hats? Their History? The different types of womens Hats? In short all about them.

Well it so happens that in the USA there is a great place tofind out all about hats and it’s appropriately called

 Hat museum. Where is it? Well in Portland, Oregon there’s a neighborhood called

Ladd’s Addition. This neighborhood was developed by a buisnessman by the name of William S. Ladd. The actual construction was roughly between the years of 1905 and 1930. Ladds’s Addition has a bunch of interesting things. Amongst them are four parks situated at the four points of the compass and the the largest stand of elms in Portland. Most interesting is the fact that this neighborhood boasts of 122 houses that are considered of Primary Historical Significance. Yup 122 of them. One of these is the Ladd-Reingold House which is the current of the Hat Museam. The name Reingold is after Miss. Rebecca Reingold who was a milliner in Russia and moved into the house in the early 1900’s. The house’s current owner is Alyce Cornyn-Selby who beleive it or not is actually a Hat Lover herself! The Museam claims to have over 1000 different hats in stock including a Straw London Top Hat, a Thanksgiving table hat that sings and more hats from around the world. The Museam bills itself as one of Portlands “quirkiest attractions”. So if you’re in Portland stop by, check it out and tell us if it’s really true that they have more types of womens hats then we sell on Myheadcoverings.com.(sources include reelscout, the Hat Museam website, Rose City Roamers)

 By B.Levi

Introducing Berets


Cotton Berets

We’ve already written posts about Snoods, Pre-tied Bandanas and Hats so now we figured it’s time to introduce you to another one of the great headcoverings that stock the vitual shelves of MyHeadcoverings.com.
Berets are a mainstay of womens headcoverings and are worn both as a fashion statement and as a religous headcover.
Berets are becoming popular worn as a short snood that provides complete coverage but does not leave any excess material on the neck.
MyHeadcoverings.com carries lots Berets in Four different fabrics from S.G Accessories a maker that specilizes in producing quality womens headcoverings.
1) Cool Cotton
2) Cozy and Comfortable Angora Wool
3) Acrylic
4) Polyester

Angora Beret

In the winter months the really Cozy Angora Berets from S.G Acccessories are a great choice. They feature an 8 section pattern that lends a touch of interest to the otherwise plain beret.

Houndstooth Beret

Houndstooth Beret

If you want something with a little more personality try our  Acrylic Houndstooth Beret that has a lining to help keep you warm.
Now if youre looking for something for a more formal occasion why not try the Silver Swirls Beret a really pretty piece at a really great price!
We’ve chosen to highlight just a few of our many Berets to give you some ideas but really you should check out our whole Beret section and pick the ones that suits you best!