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Cover Your Head with Comfort and Style!

Always wished to wear a beautiful hat but not enough coverage for you? Try adding an Israeli tichel!

Here’s how, first you need to choose a tichel that you would like to wear.  Best to use a soft cotton one for added comfort. Then, tie it how you’d wear it.

Next, put the hat you want to wear on top of the headscarf and you are simply transformed into a new look.

You can use different tichels and different hats for all types of occasions and to match assorted outfits, the beach, party or every day!

Look great. Feel great. You are great!

How To Tie a Tichel- Classic Turban Knot Style

The classic turban knot style is a really easy and original way to tie a tichel. It is perfect for hot summer days when you want something light and colorful to hold all your hair back and keep your hair off your neck. It has a great fitted support and makes covering your hair a dream. The best part is that you can design your own tichel! Simply choose a headscarf of your choice with a turban knot head wrap in whichever color you like and you have it. You can go a little darker and simple for a dressy look and loud and colorful for an everyday or funky look. It’s up to you – be original!

In the demonstration above we used a hidden height undercover to make it look like there is a head full of hair. You can simply put your hair in a bun, or for those with thin hair or hair loss a hidden height undercover will do the trick.

1. When tying our headscarf in the Classic Turban knot style, we experimented with our Purple Oblong Tichel with Flowers. However, you may use any oblong headscarf of your choice. Start by placing your oblong rectangular headscarf centered on your head. If the head scarf is very long, fold it in half first.

2. Take both sides of the headscarf and make a tie or knot in back of your neck.

3. Now, gently take the whole headscarf that’s hanging down and tuck it in and under the knot you just made. It should look like a snood with no tails hanging down.

4. In the demonstration we chose a white turban knot head wrap. Choose the color turban knot you want and place it as the band to support and hold the head scarf in place.

Good luck tying! Click here for more exciting ways to tie a tichel.

How to tie a tichel- Beehive style

make a tie or a knot at the back of your neck

gently cross one side of the head scarf over your head to the other side

Beehive style










The “Beehive style” is an original and different way to tie a tichel. It is stylish, classy, dressy and whatever else you want it to be! It is lightweight and comfortable which makes it a great style for the spring or summer and brings tying headscarves to a different level. Women with hair loss or thin hair especially like this style due to the added height this style provides.

1. In our demonstration, we put on a hidden height undercover to provide the height necessary. However, it can also be achieved by just putting your hair up in a high pony or bun and cover it with a snood.

2. When tying our headscarf beehive style, we experimented with our  Striped Head Scarf with Gold Lurex. However, you may use any long oblong headscarf. Start by placing your oblong rectangular headscarf centered on your head. Then take both sides of the headscarf and gently make a tie or knot in the back of your head.

3. Now, take the tail hanging on the left side of your head and cross it over to the other side. Don’t forget to cross it in a layered manner to give it the beehive took that you are looking for.

4. Do the same with the other side. By now you will have 2 loose ends on either side so just tuck them in to your snood or hidden height undercover for a neat and put together look and comfort.

Good luck tying! Click here for more practical, exciting and easy ways to tie a tichel!

Babushka Headscarves

Babushka Head Scarf

Babushkas Head Scarves

Headscarves have tons of different names and one of the most interesting ones is the term Babushka.

What is a babushka? Typically, a Babushka is a 3 foot long head scarf that is folded into a triangle and then tied under the chin.

How did Babushka’s get their name?

Well the term Babushka is really the Russian word used for Grandmother and it is still quite typical for elderly women in Russia to cover ther hair with a headscarf in this manner.

However don’t think for a minute that giving head scarves the name Babushka means that headscarves can’t be cool ‘cause not cool “Babushka’s are sooo yesterday.

In June of 2011 NPR ran a story of some very very cool Babushkas. A group of elderly Russian women all widowed from the village of Buranovo in the Udmurt Republic formed a band that was pretty good. They became somewhat of a sensation in Russia started giving concerts around the country. Eventually they scored an invite to the Eurovision contest and they showed up on the flashy Eurovision set clad in their taditional Urdmurt clothing, Long dresses, and yup, Babushka headscarves.

No they didn’t win that year’s Eurovision contest but they did prove that headscarves – especially Babushka Headscarves – are really cool!

Instructions for Tying an Israeli Tichel Crown Style

In a previous post we gave instructions how to tie an israeli tichel in the basic Bun Style. Now we will show how to tie an Israeli Tichel in a crown style.The crown tie is a beautiful method of tying head scarves in a way that gives height to the head scarf which adds elegance to any occasion.The best tichel to use for this is an oblong (rectangular shaped) tichel because that will give you enough fabric to get up around and over your head for the crown look.

Start by folding the tichel under around 2-3 inches on the long edge to form a “band”. This will allow for some movement and adjustmants to the tichel once it is tied onto your head, plus it will lay better if it is a little thicker in that spot. Place the tichel on your head with the “band” side on the bottom (i.e. touching your head), and leave one side hanging longer than the other. The reason for this is to make for easier tying of the tails.

Take the two ends and tie them in back under your pony/scrunchie. There should be a little fabric hanging over at the pony so, tuck it under the knot you just made to keep your hair concealed. If there is not enough fabric to cover your hair, make the “band” that we started with thinner. If you have very long hair, or a large head/small tichel, you may have to skip the band step.

Now comes the crown part. Twist the two hanging sections to make two long tight twists. Bring the longer one over and around your head – an inch or two behind the front of the headscarf. Tuck whatever remains under the knot by your pony.

The last and final step is to take the shorter end and twist it around weaving it under an over the first end to create the crown. It may take a few times to get the hang of it, so a good idea is to have a friend help you the first time.



Here are some Helpful Hints for tying:

– Use the WiGrip Comfort band under a scarf or tichel for a no slip grip. We highly reccommend this product for new and experienced tichel wearers!

– Place the head scarf a little lower on your forhead than you actually want to wear it as it will probably slide back a little during the tying process.

– If you have thin hair and want to add the illusion of more fullness in back, tie a scrunchie on your pony to add the fullness.

– You can try this with a regular israeli tichel folded into a triangle as well, just bear in mind that the crown won’t have as much height.



How to tie an Israeli Tichel

Easy step by step instructions how to tie a basic israeli tichel bun with accompanying slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Start by tying your hair up in a bun with a scrunchee or pony holder. If your hair is thin we reccomend the scrunchee which will add more volume to the bun. For hair loss or short hair see step 4 below for how you can add the bun look.

step 1 – fold the square tichel into a triangle shape

step 2 – place the center of the long straight side at your farhead with the two long tails in front of your shoulders.

step 3 – tie those two front tails behind your head (under the third corner of the triangle)

step 4 – tuck that third end of the triangle in the back of your head under the tie you just tied. (for hair loss or short hair, stick something soft and light colored in before you tuck like some tissues or a spare tichel.)

You can leave the israeli tichel as is for a real basic tiechel look, or you can continue on to the bun stages.

step 5 – twist the two long tails

step 6 – wrap them around your bun/short pony and tuck the ends underneath themselves.