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How To Tie A Tichel – Center Turban Twist Style

1. In our demonstration, we did not use anything to stuff up the back of the head. If you are experiencing hair loss, there is no need to wear anything underneath and if you have long hair just make sure it is in a tight bun or under a fitted snood.

2. When tying our headscarf in a “center turban twist style” we experimented with our Oblong Israeli Tichel with Lurex in wine. However, you may use any long oblong headscarf of your choice.

3. Start by placing your oblong headscarf centered on your head. Then, take both ends of the scarf and make a knot at the front/ top of your head (as oppose to most other styles where you make a knot at the back of your neck).

4. Now, take both ends of the knot and hold them tightly together. Gently and firmly twist them together to form a long twisted pony.

5. Take the long twisted pony and wrap it around and around in a circle to form a turban twist at the top of your head.

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