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The Greatest Ear Muff Parade!

The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade.

The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade.

In 2013 we blogged about Chester Greenwood, a 15 year old grammar school dropout who invented the earmuffs to keep his ears cozy while ice skating. His cold ears, coupled with an entrepeneural spirit led him to patent his invention in 1877. By 1936, the year before his death his factory was producing more than 400,000 earmuffs yearly.


Greenwood’s Ear Protector Factory provided ear warmers to the soldiers during World War I. In addition to keeping many ears warm in the winter, his factory, located in Farmington, Maine boosted the economy and provided jobs to many a family. Every year in December the town of Farmington celebrates “Chester Greenwood Day” in honor of his birthday.


The highlight of Chester Greenwood Day is the parade in which local police cruisers are decorated with giant earmuffs. Anyone can join in the parade…as long as you are wearing your own pair of muffs!

Wear a Headcover to Keep you Warm this Winter

keep warm image

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter.

Let’s face it. The cold weather is here. And as much as we try to stay warm and cozy in our heated homes and cars, there is the inevitable going outside and bracing ourselves for that rush of cold air.

Keeping your head covered is one way to beat Mr. Winter. Try a warm winter cap and your feelings about the winter will definately change. You may find that you even start loving that morning chill!


Many women find berets extremely comfortable for winter. In addition to being a stylish headcover, slouchy berets can keep your warm. And if it gets really cold, you can pull the beret over your ears and stay nice and toasty!


For those of you who wear a pretied headscarf, a velour pretied bandana is a great option for the colder weather. The soft fabric looks great and this is an ideal headcover for indoors and out.


So no matter if you chose a pretied bandanna, a thicker headscarf,  a warm hat or knit beret, keeping your head covered will definitely keep you warm!

4 Great Ways to Transform Your Head Scarf into a Warm and Stylish Winter Scarf!

Bet you’re all ready for the freezing cold winter months with your hat, gloves, ear muffs and scarves! But hey, did you know that your head scarves can be worn as a scarf around your neck as well? In addition, there are so many more ways to wear them than just tying them around your head, you just got to be original! Below are a few new ways to wear the head scarves you already have.

Tight Wrap

Tight Wrap

When tying a headscarf around your neck, there are a few different ways you may want to try. Either, you can tie it in a Tight Wrap around by tying it all around your neck with no extra material hanging down for a warm and cozy fit. This look is great if you are outside since it’s all tied up and will stay securely in place instead of swaying in the breeze and making you uncomfortable.



Another great option is the Muffler. This is similar to the tight wrap except it’s not wrapped all around. Simply open your headscarf all the way and put the middle at the back of your neck. Then, take both ends and tie them around your neck once or twice depending how long your head scarf is but leaving some extra material draping down over your chest. This style is great for wearing outdoors and tucking the extra material into your coat or also great for indoor use if you just want to keep warm in a stylish way.



A fun and a little bit different way to wear a head scarf around your neck is by tying it in the front of your neck with a Knot or a bow. This can be worn indoors, outdoors and can actually add a lot to a simple outfit.

Loop Tie

Loop Tie

A similar idea would be the Loop Tie. Simply take an oblong head scarf such as the Checkered Lurex Oblong Tichel with Fringes and crunch it into a long, thin rope. Fold it in half and center it around your neck so that the fold and the loose ends should be hanging down evenly in the front. Then take the loose ends, slip them though the loops and pull to tighten.

Now that we gave you some great ideas to do with your head scarves I’m sure you can come up with a few more by playing around with the. Have fun!


All The Information You Need To Know About Winter 2014 Styles and Trends!

Hot winter hair accessories and head coverings styles this season!Now that winter has started showing its face, just thought you could use some heads up on stylish winter hair accessories and head coverings this season. For all you fashion lovers and those who keep up with the styles, before you get rid of your fall collection – you may want to know that lots of the Fall styles are actually still in! So take a deep breath, relax and take a look at Winter 2014’s fashion trends.
When winter comes in, we automatically start looking at warmer wintry fabrics. It’s time to switch the cotton slouchy beret for an angora hat, your chiffon head wrap for an elegant velvet, and  your belgium knit snood for a cozy chenille snood! Even hair bows on your little girl look so much more wintery in fur or leather.
As far as colors, this winter we are still seeing the dark yet colorful autumn colors with the addition to some more colors in the same tone such as eggplant, taupe, etc. Don’t forget to wear these colors in shiny leather to really have the effect you’re looking for.
There are lots of hot prints this season. From funky to classy and everywhere in between, you are sure to find one that suits you best! In addition to plaid still being in this season, check is one of the hottest prints right now. Wear check handbags or scarves to stand out in a bold way and make a statement. Check and plaid can be worn in a funky way with lots of different colors as well as in a bold a classy way in black and white. For a classy look, you can choose between houndstooth which is rapidly making it as one of the hottest prints or winter florals. Try wearing a houndstooth pre-tied bandana or an israeli tichel headscarf with a wintery floral pattern to finish off your outfit. The Camouflage print can be worn in any way you want! In pastel colors, rusty colors or army colors try wearing a camo cap and make heads turn! Of course, for those still getting used to the animal prints form the fall, they are still in and going strong – so hands up for all you leopard print lovers!
Most of all, make sure to stay warm in these cold winter days and to make sure that you think wisely when purchasing winter hats. Sticking to angora and fur and anything thick and soft is probably your best bet since they are really warm and comfortable. Of course however, why not be warm with style! So with no time to waste, start shopping and find head coverings that are both stylish and comfortable!

Are You Ready For Winter? Get All Geared Up To Face The Storm!

Start putting your winter emergency kit together so you can be prepared to face the cold winter when it comes right at you – because ready or not, here it comes!

Start putting your winter emergency kit together so you can be prepared to face the cold winter when it comes right at you – because ready or not, here it comes!

As the Winter is slowly approaching and the morning coolness is actually lasting all day, let’s get ready to take this season in with style. So instead of getting ready to hibernate for the next few months, simply start putting your winter emergency kit together so you can be prepared to face the cold winter when it comes right at you – because ready or not, here it comes!

So what exactly is a winter emergency kit? Well, it’s just about everything you wish you had on you when you are out in the unbearable cold. The best part is, most of the most necessary things are pretty small so they can fit right into a purse, bag, pocket book, etc. that you are carrying around anyways!

Below we put together a list of some crucial things you might want to put in your emergency kit but you know yourself best so besides for the things we recommend try and think of the little things you could see yourself needing.

1. A Hat:

No one likes red ears or catching a cold- keep a warm hat on you at all times to retain the maximum heat possible. For those of you who are scared to ruin your hair with a hat or get it all staticy, try wearing a slouchy beret which will cover your ears and allow you to still look good when you take it off.

2. A Mini Brush:

Don’t let the snow, winds, static or any of the other winter blues get to your hair style. Carry a mini pocket brush around so you can fix your hair whenever and wherever. Try getting a 2 in 1 pocket brush and folding mirror so you can also see how you look.

3. Pocket Tissues:

No one wants to be stuck anywhere with a runny nose and no tissues so make sure you have your pocket tissues at all times in case of emergency.

4. Hand Cream:

If your hands get dry and crack from the cold, a little hand cream may be really convenient to carry along since the dryness may get really painful and start to bleed.

5. Pony Holders:

Just in case you go out in the wind or snow and you don’t want your hair blowing in your face, a pony holder is the perfect thing to have to keep your hair out of your way and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Of course, these are just some basic things we came up with, but if you can think of anything else that would help our other readers please comment so that they can be fully prepared as well!